Friday, September 9, 2022

The Power of One can become the Power of Many

The Power of One

I think today the beauty that people hold inside is lost amongst all the noise we deal with in

 our society. Remember we are all one. We may believe we have something different to

 say or do but in reality, if we take the time to look inside to who we truly are we'll understand

 that in the deepest place in our soul that we are all one. For centuries we've pushed to

 separate ourselves from one another to find our own happiness, wealth or prestige, when all

 we've ever really needed was to embrace each other. Not as friends or colleagues, sure

 sometimes that's all we can do. But, if we truly look at who we are, we'll know, with

certainty, that we are connected to everyone on a much deeper level than we ever believed

 was possible & through this true soulful connection we can make anything happen. The belief

that we are separated or different is built on lies from the people in power. They know that if

 they separate us or create issues between us they can control us. Don't believe in all the

 noise, open your heart & look at everyone in your life knowing that they are you & you are

 them. Disagree if you must, but allow the true connection we've had since the beginning of

 time. We are one & together everything is possible, we are love & through compassion & love

 we create a link that can never be broken. Don't listen to the noise! Listen to who you truly

 are, for together we can change the world for the better, separated we are pawns in

 a bigger game. Your true voice is all that matters, no matter how much you been ignored

before, no matter how quiet your voice has seemed. Now is the time to scream from the

rooftops that I love this world & everyone in it because we are one from the dawn of time & we

shall be one again.


Till next time,




Quote of the day: "Believe in your power, your voice and your heart because you are a powerful individual in this time of noise." 

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