Saturday, September 1, 2012

Growing in Isolation
Often in our lives we make the decision to hide away so the world won't upset us, won't change us, won't destroy what little we have.  The truth is that that's not a life, life will happen with or without you, it's far better to look for opportunities to grow then it is to hide away from everything in your life.
Being by yourself can lead to self discovery and I encourage everyone to take time to know who they truly are, for when you understand that all you are is love and all you seek in life is love returned you; you will be a force in the world.  Love can be the hardest thing in our lives to deal with as two ego's come together to try to be one; but we are love and when we give love we will receive it back.  No matter how difficult love has been in the past it is the way to growing in the future.
The universe/God has a way in our life to teach us what we need to know to grow and move forward.  Sometimes those lessons are very difficult to hear and deal with, but if we bury our proverbial heads in the sand, the lesson will repeat itself until we learn what we need to know.
Take time each day to discover the love you have inside of you.  You are a beautiful person & the world is better because you are here.  Our society has become so competitive that if we’re not the best we feel as though we’ve failed.  You haven’t failed, you are love and whether life is a struggle or easy for you; you will always be a precious person that I am grateful to have in my life. 
Let go of the noise and the expectations of others; grow in each moment.  Take the time to release the pain and hurt from the past.  Know that the path forward will always open itself to you if you are willing to take the time to let go and be love. 
Stop the struggle and begin to accept the beauty in this moment.  For only through gratitude and wonder can we move beyond who we are and into the place we were meant to be.  The struggle we all face, as difficult as it can be. Is only to help us return to who we truly are.  We’ve lost our way through generations of greed, ego’s and control and where has it gotten us?  The truth is, the world community is growing in consciousness and as we come together and understand that that our differences only help us to grow we will grow together like no time in history.  We are one, all connected in spirit and in love. Allow, release, grow.
It is truly within you to grow beyond who you are.  Join me & change the world, stop the hate; show love and compassion and move yourself and everyone else to a better place.  I believe in you because I know you, you are love!
PS: It’s been a while since I’ve written, I’m sorry for that, I will try to be here a little more often.  Till next time remember: “When love touches your heart you will change forever; when you show love from your heart you change the life of everyone you meet.”