Thursday, January 7, 2016


With the dawning of a New Year we all look to turn the page on what was and recreate ourselves for the New Year.  Many of us make resolutions to try and define the change we are looking for in the New Year.  But, as we know too many resolutions are done within weeks or if you are lucky months of the New Year.  Why is this?  Simple, we cannot change who we are without taking the time to know and understand ourselves better.

True transformation comes from within and it cannot be forced.  By knowing your true self, you can become whatever you would like to become.  Do you think the caterpillar knows that tomorrow it will be a butterfly? My guess is that the caterpillar has no idea, it just lives every day to the fullest as a caterpillar and is amazed at the transformation that happens.  Each us of can learn from the caterpillar, we fill our lives with stuff because we believe that if we are busy we have a full and joyful life.  But, to truly transform yourself you need to spend time with yourself and you need to learn to appreciate each and every moment for we never know when our last moment will come.

The discovery of joy in everything is a practiced skill like any other skill.  When we allow our mind to let go of yesterday and begin to live life every day to the fullest, we will slowly begin to find joy in everything.   This realization leads to being more and more aware of the present and teaches us to open our mind to possibilities.  This opening up can dramatically change your life but as with the caterpillar it happens in its own time.  The more you pretend to live in the moment the further you move away from being in the moment.  The process is to not think just to be.

Does this mean only good things will happen?  Of course not, much of life is beyond our control but whatever the trials and tribulations are that you go through there can still be joy in the trials.  Sometimes our greatest lesson and most impressive growth comes through the trials we have in our life.  We all need to celebrate getting through the “tough times” because they happen to everyone!

Till next time,


Quote of the day: “True transformation happens when we take time to know ourselves better.  Once the transformation begins it can truly change everything in your life.”