Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Brings me Joy!!!

I welcome a new guest blogger todayPetrina. I met Pertina through this blog & she's also a memeber of the National Gallery of Writing as I am. Petrina is married with 2 boys, recently moved to Virginia from New York. Currently unemployed. Profession: Mental Health Professional. Presented Alumnus Address this year for Alma Mater High School. Enjoys laughing, dancing and writing. Her Blog is: Here

What Brings me Joy!!!

What an interesting topic to write on as by reflex I can tell you all the things that cause me stress and disappointment. It is challenging because it exposes my true spirit of pessimism; joy is secondary. There are many things that bring me joy. Besides making my husband and children happy, I enjoy helping the less fortunate. I have always had a generous spirit since I was young. Giving away my clothes and any little trinket given to me. I had to learn as a newlywed not to eventually give away things my husband would buy me. I know, it is a bad habit but it took a good friend having a good talk with me before I understood the connection. I just loved giving people things that they always wanted. If I had it and they wanted it, I would give it. I remember even giving away my toys when I was very young.

A life changing event happened to me that made me even more generous towards people. I had the experience of being so poor I might as well lived in a developing country. My mother moved from the West Indies to a poor neighborhood in New York. In those days it was okay to leave your children by themselves while you went out to work. I took care of my brother while my mother went to work, took courses for citizenship and attended classes towards a degree. I raised myself and my younger brother. That was pretty much my life as a teenager until my step father came along. The only thing he did was provide an income to pay the rent. My mother was strong and brave as she could not bare to have him in the house much longer and kicked him out. That’s when it happened. We starved. For one whole year while my mother was working in a lower than low position, my brother and I discovered new creations in an empty fridge. We ate crackers and mayonnaise or pineapple jelly with crackers and sugar water as we had no lemons. We were joking about it the other day and how happy we were when on rare occasions we would be able to have hospital made spaghetti and meatballs as my mom
worked in the kitchen at the local hospital. Weekends were the hardest as we had no school lunch.

After that stage I became a teenager and my mother now a college graduate helped me to go through school as well as my brother. She now has a Masters and it motivated me to get my Masters also. (Funny I just remembered how my peers in college and roommates used to joke that they could look in the fridge and find nothing to cook, but I would go in the fridge and bring out a tasty four course meal). I looked back at my life and became more spiritual as I realized I did not get through so many hard life experiences by my own doing. Then, out of nowhere, this great opportunity to go abroad and help others in a developing country had arise. I was on the next plain as I felt I could relate, although I understood the gravity of the situation would be worse than any of my experiences. There was eight people sent by a reputable organization and I went as the only Mental Health Consultant. I spent two years serving the poor.

Today, I still find philanthropic means for helping the less fortunate. The opportunity abroad bought me the most joy. My mother’s perseverance brought me much joy. My brother being a World Trade Center survivor brought me much joy. Becoming a wife and a parent brings me joy as my husband is also generous and I am hands on with my boys. As a parent it makes me happy to instill in them the importance of things learned from my past; a good education, spirituality, an altruistic view on life and lots of kisses. They could do without the kisses I bet, but I can’t. I couldn’t pick just one thing that brings me joy, as joy for me has no time constraints.


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The awakening of your true self!!

Do you truly know who you are? I don't mean your name or any other label you want to give yourself. I mean in your core in the depths of your soul, the parts of you that no one knows ….maybe not even yourself. The discovery of who we truly are is one of the oldest quests man has sought from the beginning of time. It drives many of us & consumes others. We put on so many different faces for the people in our life because we believe we have to be what “they” expect us to be. So we create the Mom or the Dad personality and there's the friend or the worker or the business leader....etc, etc. We create a complex life trying to please everyone & we believe that it's necessary because it's what's expected. What if I told you it's not what others expect......what if I told you that all you have to do is be who you truly are & you will be accepted by everyone in your life.

I know it sounds like an easy solution to a complex problem that has been plaguing mankind for our entire existence & the truth is it's not easy because it takes a commitment from you to take the time to discover who you truly are.....not what the PTA expects you to be...no....who you are...your true self. I believe that is our connection to everything. Our true self or what many others call our soul....can you commit to taking the time for self discovery? Aren't you worth it? I know you are because I the love you have inside that needs to be shared with the world. I know the beauty & purity of who you truly are because at our core we are all connected & anything that people perceive to be evil is truly only born from a lack of love & the need to know who we truly are.

So, how do we take the first step to begin the process of self discovery? There's no perfect way, but what I've found is simply to be. Quiet your mind, focus on your breathing, listen deep inside & feel the peace & connectedness of your true self. There is a feeling of being grounded when you're able to move beyond the thoughts going on in your busy mind. For me, I also enjoy being out in nature. I have discovered for myself that the depth of my connection to my soul/true self is much deeper when I'm in nature. There is for me, a profound awareness to the beauty around me & a knowing that I am a part of it. Whatever works for you, use it. Take the time today to discover who you truly are. Let go of the noise & the expectations, release the fear & move beyond the pain from the past. Understand that you are love. Listen to that small voice that comes from deep within & become who you were truly meant to be!! Let go of the veils of life that you hide behind & discover that when you are truly who you are suppose to be you are love & everyone will accept you for who you truly are.

Life moves with an ease when you can be who you truly are. It's a very freeing experience!! Believe in yourself & discover who you truly are!!



Quote of the day: “The journey of self-discovery is the most important journey any of us can take. Stop pretending & be who you truly are.....LOVE!”

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Living in the moment!!

I've talked a lot over the past year about letting life come to you & living life in each moment but what does that really mean.....”living in the moment”. I think as with many things in life you can interpret the meaning of that phrase in many different ways. For the purposes of this blog it's not important to me how literally you take the phrase or what this phrase means to you personally. What's important to me is that you begin to learn to live your life in each moment.

I've been challenged over the past few weeks to work myself through a huge shift in my life. I have moved (at least temporarily) to the Denver, Colorado area. I have left my beautiful wife, our two dogs, my house, my friends & everything I know as part of my life, for the past 12 years, behind to move to a state that I've spent only 3-5 days in for my entire life. The only thing that has keep me in a state of joy is living in each moment & discovering the joy that each moment has for us. The truth is there is joy all around us even when things aren't easy, but it's up to us to discover the joy that is hidden even in challenging times.

How do I this? I don't worry about tomorrow. I believe in the very core of who I am that tomorrow will unfold perfectly before me just as it should. It is in this shift of thought that all possibilities are born. I read from many people that they believe the key to life is to “live from the end”, in other words see the end & work backwards to today to see how to get there. This may work for some but for me it's the furthest from the truth that we can move. I know that if I set my intention for the future & release that intention into the world with no attachment to the results, God/universe will lead us to where we want to end up by living in each moment in-between. You see life is only about the now. The preoccupation with what will happen tomorrow steals away the life we can have right now. There is no promise that we have anything beyond this moment we share together right now. So why be concerned about what will happen tomorrow? The only thing that matters is right now & if you're willing to live each moment to fullest your life will always unfold perfectly before you.

Are there never setbacks? Is life always perfect going forward? Of course not!! We need adversity in our life to help us learn the lessons we need to know to move on to a better life. I was laid-off from my job in June 2009 & the past year hasn't been easy financially but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I have discovered more about myself in the past year then I have in almost 50 years before this....would I have asked for this? No!! But God/universe knew this is what I needed to grow into the person I've always been inside. You see none of us truly need improvement we just need to get back to who we truly are in our soul!! Our truest self only knows how to live life perfectly.

You can change your life today, all you need to do is start right now let go of the expectations of tomorrow & discover the joy in this moment.



Quote of the day: “Everything is possible in the present moment....open your mind & heart to the joy right now in this exact moment & begin the change”

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raising the bar!

Do you set goals in your life? Do have a standard for your work career or for your life? I've always set high standards in everything I do in my life and I am always present in anything I'm engaged in. Being present may sound like an easy thing but with the busyness of life today it's sometimes hard be present in something right now. This especially true with work or something else that can be mundane. When we are engaged in a mundane task our mind tends to wander & think about what's next or what we want to do tomorrow. I've worked hard in my life to move beyond this wandering. I try to be present in everything I do & do the best job I am capable of doing. I allow myself to make mistakes, I don't try to make mistakes but I understand that mistakes happen so I allow myself mistakes.

Being present in every moment of your life will open your mind to the joy that's right in front of you. Even in that mundane task you can find joy!! Joy is all around us in the most ordinary things & by discovering the joy in the ordinary we can discover the joy in everything.

So what does "raising the bar" mean to you? Obviously it means reaching for more in everything you do but I would like to open us all up to raising the bar of our own consciousness. There's been a lot said & written about the making the world a better place. To me, the way to make the world better is to challenge each of us to be better people. If we each grow & become the source of love we all can be, we each improve our own part of the world. This improvement then grows exponentially because everyone in our life is affected by our love & then they learn to love more & so on & so on.

I believe in the human spirit & I believe that all change begins with us individually. Work on improving yourself, grow in your consciousness, become the light in your own world & watch that light grow around you!!

Have a great weekend,


PS I'm going to Denver to start a 2 month contract job, I may not blog next week until I'm sure of my new schedule but I promise I'll be back as soon as possible.

Quote of the day:" Raise the bar in your own life, live life to the fullest, be present in each moment & grow your own consciousness. You are the key to changing the world, start today!!!"

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When life doesn't flow!

I have found in my life that when I stay connected to my true self (soul) life seems to flow with little effort. Things unfold perfectly in each moment of everyday. But, when life isn't flowing when everything is a struggle we need to examine what's caused this disruption to the flow of life.

When I was younger I didn't understand how to connect to my soul. I'm not even sure that I understood what a deep connection was. I knew that I always felt at peace in nature but beyond that life seemed very disconnected. I've written before here that I would just "make" things happen in my life. What I mean by that is, through sheer will I would find a way to make what I thought was important happen in my life. This actually worked to some extent but the results weren't very good. Here's an example; Lived in Northern CA for a time & at that time I was working in banking. My ex-wife didn't like to live in CA so to appease her I flew back to Chicago (where we were from) & looked for a job. I found a job at a bank in Chicago & they were willing to give me some money to move back. The bank was a very small neighborhood bank & the bank I worked in in CA was the 3rd or 4th largest bank in CA (they had something like 200 branches) so needless to say the environment was completely different.

The day I started at this bank things didn't feel right to me & the job they wanted me to do changed completely (we had discussed me being a loan officer as I was in CA but instead they wanted me to be a "personal banker" that opened accounts). Needless to say I was fired within a month of moving back home. I wasn't fired because I couldn't do the job but because I didn't fit into their environment & they had someone else that had turned down the job before they offered it to me that changed their mind...the perfect person to them.

So this worked because it got me back home & I was making some good dollars but it turned sour very quickly. This is what happens when we're not connected to our true self (soul). We can have an immediate success but in the long run things never workout the way we think they will. The main reason for this is because of the EGO. I written a lot in this blog about the EGO & I would invite you to look back & read those blogs. But the EGO wants immediate satisfaction, it always wants the next best thing & as soon as it gets what it wants it wants something else because of this it's never satisfied.

Your life in an EGO state is filled with huge swings up & down....successes & then big challenges & even when the success out weigh the challenges life never feels fulfilling. We all have to deal with this EGO state to live a more joyful life. I personally don't believe the path to a better life means suppressing or ignoring the EGO is the way through. To me each part of us works together in harmony & the EGO is no different. It has a place in our life, we just can't allow it to take over.

So how do we move beyond the EGO? The easiest way is to acknowledge the voice of the EGO. This voice tends to be the quickest & loudest voice we hear when we are trying to make a decision. The EGO says "Listen to me, Listen to me"! So, if we acknowledge what the EGO is saying we can quiet the noise from the EGO. Once we quiet this noise we are able to move to the deeper connection of our soul. This deeper connection takes practice to accomplish but once you've gotten into a routine of listening to your true self (soul) it gets easier & easier. The voice of the soul is quiet & when it speaks it feels right in every part of your body. It will not lead you in the wrong direction.

When things don't seem to flow in your life, slow down & reconnect with your true self (soul). Through this connection you will rediscover the natural flow of a joyful life!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day: "When life feels disconnected, take time to reconnect to your true self (soul) & discover the joy your life can have."

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be true to yourself!

I've always had one big issue in my life. This issue has at times lead me to take detours in my life away from my true path. The issue I'm talking about is when push comes to shove I give into others & neglect myself.

I have learned over the years that I need to be first. This was a very difficult lesson for me because I always put others first. You see I've always loved people & if you are apart of my life you're a friend. I believe in friendship & to me it means something to be a friend. I know in this day & age that it's a casual thing to say, especially on-line. But to me its always meant something & I don't use it casually. When you're my friend you're important to me.

So over the years I would do whatever I could to help my friends & many times I would sacrifice what I wanted to do, just to help my friends. I've learned that although this is a wonderful thing, it's not the way to lead your life. In order to give of yourself you have to have something to give & if you always sacrifice what you want in life you'll never have as much to give as when you're living the life you should.

I have learned to take time in my life. I have learned to listen to my soul (true self) & I have learned to put myself first. Because of this, my life has blossomed beyond what I could imagine. I've been living my life in joy for a longtime now & I believe it's because I've learned to put myself first. I still help many people in my life, this act of giving is woven into the fabric of my life & giving to others doesn't have to be exclusive of taking care of yourself. In fact they work in perfect concert with one another when you truly take the time to know who you are & what you want you have more to give to others.

Think of it this way; If you are a glass of water filled to the brim & you continue to give a drink to everyone in your life.....sooner or later there won't be any water left to give. Whereas if you replenish the water every time you give a drink, your glass is always filled!!

When your life gets busy or when you have to make important decisions; these are the times you need to be sure to take care of yourself first. Start a daily practice now of checking with your true self (Soul). Realize what you need & where you want to go. Promise yourself, even in tough times, to always put yourself first!

It's still not always easy for me. I watch for signs of backsliding. I know that it's the best way to live my life & my life has better because of it. Take time today & refill your glass!!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day:"Take time to fill yourself up & you'll always have enough to give to others. By being true to yourself first you'll find a more joyful life!"

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Defining Moments

Our lives are full of "defining moments" sometimes they're subtle & go by without us even realizing them & sometimes they're obvious & we realize that we have a life changing decision to make. Many of us avoid these big decisions because we can't clearly see which way to go. We think that by making no decision we can keep the life the way it is but the truth is that no decision is still a decision & the change we are trying to avoid will happen with or without us.

There's no easy way to deal with these big decisions. Each decision has it's own unique set of circumstances so even if we've been through them before we can still struggle with the circumstances of the next big decision but the general framework we've discussed before is a great starting point; First - take time to reflect the decision that you have to make. Second - get in touch with your true self (soul) & understand how each of the decisions feel to you. Third - talk to people you trust & listen to the feedback they give you.

The decision in these defining moments is one that once made has to be owned. Move forward with the strength of the information you've gathered. Realize that as we discussed last week there are no wrong decisions there are only decisions that take you away from your true purpose in life. We will always have the opportunity to come back to our life's purpose.

Sometimes when we are faced with these defining moments we backslide to our old patterns. The same patterns we thought we had grown beyond & within these old patterns we discover the fear we never truly dealt with. Moving beyond these old patterns can be a challenge but the first step is to recognize that you are backsliding. Once you realize the pattern & the fear associated with it, it's much easier to move beyond this fear into a better place. Remember that living your life in the current moment means releasing the past & focusing on what you fell right now. I know at times this is easier said then done but trust me it is possible to move through these defining moments without repeating the past patterns that have shaped our life.

Defining moments can feel like a fork in the road & truly the decision you make at these moments can have a big impact on your life but remember that there are no wrong decisions God/universe has a way of bringing us back to where we need to be. Sometimes it's like going from Chicago to Denver via Atlanta. It works but it's not the most ideal way to go. Trust in your true self (soul) move beyond the logical solution in your head as this is solution is normally tied to your EGO. Believe in yourself & live the life you're meant to live!!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day: "Defining moments in your life are time to slow down & pay attention to your true self (soul). By taking time & connecting with how you truly feel about these moments you can discover a more joyful life."

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The need for power!

Why do we as humans want power so badly? Why do we feel the need to be in charge? Why do we feel better when we have control over our life? Whenever I think about absolute power I'm reminded of the "Fellowship of the Rings" trilogy & the "one" ring that will rule them all. For those of you not familiar with these books & movies it's based around a Hobbit named Frodo who's one mission is to destroy the "one" ring. The rings power corrupts all that come near it & only Frodo's pure heart allows him to finally destroy the ring. At the end of the movie it is noted that although he's gotten rid of the ring he will never be the same because of the way it affected him. It also shown in this movie that "man" is the first to try & take the ring or the first to be affected by it's power.

Why do we crave power so badly? I think the answer to this is two fold. First power is connected to the EGO. The EGO feels fulfilled with power because it can get what it wants. I've written before about the EGO and how it has an unquenching desire for everything. You more you give into it the more it wants. The EGO is something we all need to learn to deal with in our life. Some say we need to "banish" the EGO to become a more enlightened person. I believe we need to learn to live with the EGO & understand when we are reacting from a place of EGO. This isn't an easy task but once you start to understand what the EGO wants you are able to move beyond the EGO to a more centered/spiritual place.

The EGO tends to be the loudest voice you'll hear. It wants & needs you to pay attention to it. So to move beyond it we need to acknowledge the noise it's creating & move inward to our true self (soul). Once you're able to do this you can live in harmony with your EGO. It's voice will still be there but the noise will be less.

The second part of the need for power is one of control. We all want to be in control of our life. This control creates the illusion that we know what's going to happen in our life or that we can effect what we want to happen in our life. This may be true from time to time because of the circumstances of your control but the truth is control is sham. We can control only two things in our life; 1) Our reaction to others & 2) Ourselves. That's all we can truly control in our life, if we're able understand this we are able to release the need for control & open ourselves to God/universe.

Power can be good or bad but the need for power will only lead us to self destruction. True power is given not taken & true leaders rise without the need for power. In fact sometimes the best leaders are reluctant to even lead. Let go of the need for power. Understand the personal power you have inside is your connection to everything. Trust in God/universe & understand that life will unfold perfectly before you release the need for control & accept the joy that is in each moment.

Till Monday, have a great weekend!!


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Quote of the day:"Let go of the need for power & watch your life unfold perfectly before you!"

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There are no wrong choices!

What? How can it be that there are no wrong choices? Well, I have found in life that the choices we fret over the most ultimately don't really matter in our life. We create distinct lines between these choices but in the end what should happen will happen regardless of the choices we make in life. We all have a lifetime to fulfill our life's purpose & sometimes when we miss the chance to do it at one point in our life, we find the opportunity again at another time. God/universe has a way of continually bringing us back to where we need to be or to what we need to learn in our life to move forward. Does this mean that we shouldn't take responsibility for our choices, absolutely not!! Every choice we have in life is important. As we grow in our connection to God/universe the choices become easier.

When I was young, actually from time I was 4 years old, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I always loved animals & always seemed to have a special connection with them. I could calm an animal even when it was upset. It was always a great connection & I enjoyed very much. At this same time I was very involved with the Cub/Boy scouts & I loved to camp & be outside. I always felt at home in nature. These two things that were very important to me in my youth were lost for many years because of the choices I made.

I moved from wanting to be a vet to wanting to be an actor. I still love to act & enjoyed the time I had as a professional actor. I have no regrets for making this choice but my connection to animals continues to grow & I have begun to understand how important that connection is in my life. I may never be a veterinarian but animals will always be an important part of my life.

As far as camping goes; I rarely went camping in my adult life. I choose the convenience of a hotel room over being outside in a tent. In the last year because of being unemployed I have rediscovered camping & I believe it will be apart of my life for a longtime now. To me there's no way to get closer to nature then to actually be out in it & for me this connection brings me closer to God/universe. I have found a great calm in the natural world & I will continue to try & help preserve nature anyway I can going forward.

Why do I bring these things up? These are just two examples in my life of how things come back around to you. I could have listed many more. Life isn't always a clear path & the choices we choose are rarely definitive. Sometimes we need to understand this & forgive ourselves for the choices that don't turn out the way we expect them to. We all make mistakes. Life is about learning from this moments & moving forward. Sometimes this forward movement actually brings us back to what's important to us. So in reality there are no wrong choices!!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day:"The choices we have in life aren't as important as we imagine. Life has way of bringing us back to where we need to be. Believe in the process & forgive your wrong choices!"

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How deep is your love?

How deep is your love towards a stranger? Are you willing to help someone you don't know? Are you willing to go out of your way for a stranger?

How deep is your love for nature? Are you willing to stand up & stop the destruction of our natural world? Are you willing to change the way you live to help reduce your carbon footprint?

How deep is your love for your friends? Are you willing to listen to their grief or bad feelings? Are you willing to let them stay in your house if they have no where else to stay?

How deep is your love for the person you love in your life? Are you willing to forgive infidelity? Are you willing to let go of the hurt or pain that your loved one caused you?

How deep is your love for yourself? Are you willing to move beyond a mistake you make? Are you willing to forgive yourself for doing something wrong?

In the world today we live in so much fear that we withhold our love from everything in our life. We justify this action by telling ourselves that we're protecting ourself from some unknown hurt that we just create to feel better. I've written a fair amount about love in this blog because I truly believe that love is the answer to all that ails us.

In order to begin the process of loving more we must understand the limits of our love & especially the love of ourselves. Love begins within us. Far too many of us look for someone to give us love & never truly discover the love we have inside. This love is our true connection to everything & if we're willing to take the time to understand & connect to this love, all other love is possible. When we begin the discovery of love within us we will open our heart to the love of everyone that enters our life.

By changing the way we look at love in our life everything in our life will change. Love is the key to finding true happiness & a true connection with someone else. Let go of the limits to your love, open your heart to everyone that enters your life. Make the decision today to love unconditionally. Release the need for love & discover the love you have inside!!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day:"The discovery of the love we have within us is our true connection to all the love we could ever want in our life."

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blank Canvas

I have always found the mind interesting. The things that motivate us, the things that we react to & the things that we think about are just amazing to me. Our minds can create anything & yet at times we can have so many thoughts it's hard to focus on anything. I have often thought of the mind as a blank canvas, a canvas of possibilities.

For me there are times that this canvas can be filled with a masterpiece, every detail beautiful as I look deeper into the painting. So rich & full that just being apart of it makes me feel beautiful. At other times I fill my canvas with crayons & coloring it's totally the picture from a child. I laugh & play, have fun with the simplicity of the picture & I enjoy the process of drawing this simple fun picture.

Still other times can be dark & scary. The canvas can be filled with the fears I've not dealt with in my daily life. Just looking at this canvas can lead me down a path I don't like to go on. I've written before that I strongly believe that we all need to acknowledge these feelings in order to deal with them & move beyond them. Too often we bury these feelings & the paintings our minds create from these situations stay with us forever. They will flash back before us at the most inopportune times until we deal with the fear that helped us originally paint this canvas.

I have learned that by focusing on what is being painted on the canvas of my mind in the current moment allows me to enjoy the process of discovery. I'm never sure what the painting will become, sometimes I'm involved with the actual painting & other times it seems well beyond me. I watch as the painting unfolds in my mind & look on with wonder at what has been created. Then I return the canvas to a blank slate & start the process all over again. I have no specific timing for this cleaning of the canvas. I allow God/universe to let me know when the painting is complete & there are times that more then one painting gets started. You see sometimes the filling of the canvas can take a longtime & it's work is in the background where we can't clearly see it until it's unveiled. Yes, I am always amazed at the process & I love to look at the finished product!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day:"Start each day with a blank canvas & allow the masterpiece of your day to be created before you!!!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The ability to learn!

Are you willing to learn? Willing to learn from anyone who enters your life? One of the oldest questions that people like to throw around in life is "Would you go back in time (if it was possible) to change something in your life?" I've always replied that I wouldn't because I'm happy with the person I am & the reason I am who I am is because of the experiences I've been through in my life. I've always loved to learn & even when I was the most stubborn in my life I was still able to learn a few things.

As I've grown in my spiritual life I have learned that one of the most important things any of us can do is to be open to learning. Learning in our daily life isn't always easy there are times when we think we know the outcome we want from a particular situation. But, I have learned that God/universe always knows what's best for us & if we don't learn the lessons we need to learn to move forward in our life, God/universe will continue to send to us these messages, again & again until we learn what we need to know.

This wasn't an easy lesson for me. I always enjoyed learning new things in my life but life lessons seemed to elude me. I had to, at times, be hit over the head with a lesson before I actually learned what I needed to know to move forward in my life. My life hasn't always been easy & I've been through a lot in my life. I have no regrets about the things I've experienced though because I've been able to continue to grow through the difficult times.

The lessons I've needed to learn haven't always come from the sources I would imagine & I discovered that everyone who enters your life is their to help you learn. The key to discovering what this person has to teach you is to be open to receiving the message they have for you. This isn't always easy but in order to continue to grow in your life you need to be open to the messages God/universe is sending you. No matter who the messenger is.

Be open to the people that enter into your life. Take time to listen, really listen to the messages that come to you. Let go of the need to be right & allow yourself the opportunity to learn. By continuing to learn in every moment you will continue to grow. This growth will lead you to a more joyful life!!

Till Monday, have a great weekend.


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Quote of the day: "Be open to learning in your life. Through the discovery of life lesson in every moment we can discover a more joyful life!"

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I will Hope and dream!

Today I welcome my next "Guest Blogger" Rachana Shakyawar she writes a wonderful blog called "Humming Today" please check it out.

I will Hope and Dream!

He said, “Hope and dreams are incentives of life”…and those little words just echoed my life!

How beautiful was it seeing that these little words, “Hope and Dream” are so much interlinked and liberating! I hoped to happen and dreamt to dare!
I silently prayed, wished and expected someday my aspirations shall come true. I had no perfect sketched picture to view but I knew, “if I hope, I already have”! And I kept that high spirit.
Hope and dream have been ever since the beginning. It brought change, a beautiful magic with it. A series of miracles and high drive in imagination in the group of thoughts! While I was dreaming, I was discovering me in every aspect. The varied options I had and ability to cope and overcome all the hurdles. The defeat and disappointments were not the end but the new fresh beginning, it was understood only then. It was hope and dream in combo that motivated me every stage.

A power of dreaming came with an ability to view what we liked and hope it to happen, the change as we loved it. We worked hard...focused and with the dedicated sincere step by step we reached our goal, our target, and our dream! To dream has been an act of being fearless and is infinite! A dream supported with a pat of hope, an optimistic belief of gesture.

But many times you come to a juncture of life when you feel you dream hopelessly like a loser. Perhaps, you might have! But great thing would be if you move with the aspiration and turn the tables round, you will see that a loser was being just so temporary stage of life. It was the dreams and hope that actually sailed you safely away from the thunderous fall every time. It gave you a reason to smile and a reason to firm up your beliefs. Every challenge in your life helps you to grow. It is the hope and dreams that gave you a chance of change for better a choice to make and create a motivation to value the worthy thoughts and ideas you got. Perhaps, it was not at all about only you what you got…it was about what you got and could contribute to the well-being of others…directly or indirectly.

A man perhaps by profession a doctor had a dream to owe a big hospital for the Cancer patients. Though, the dream was his, his dream could serve many-many longing families of the Cancer patients with better facilities and medicine. Perhaps, he hoped for the best and dreamt indirectly for everyone.

Never give up when you still have something to give…hope and continue to dream. Do not dismiss your dreams…and lead a fearless life to expect the change and a chance in sight.

Only hope can heal the pain and the haunting moments. When you are hurting, your strength shines through the hope and dreams! Such is the power of hope and dream. Even if you think you are getting selfish, it will still serve and sparkle for all and sundry.

Hope is the outcome of self-confidence, circumstantial benefits, and courage to conquer whatever you choose. Dreams are not your self-seeking wants, they are just beautiful norms that’s brings a genuine smile on your face and on other’s too if shared. We cannot control any of them but strive and thrive to optimistic lane.
Life is not a race; Life is a sweet journey of joy to be savor and cared with hope and dreams the purpose of life..!
I learned something valuable from every trip and every turn I made, I’m no more afraid to make mistakes. I learn from the choice picked and chances created in life..! I don’t hold back but hope, Dare to dream and don’t doubt your beliefs!

We all will not live forever..
We will not last eternal..
What we create, paint, dance, say words..
Perhaps will share our dreams..
And hope till the last breath..
And it will be THE WILL behind the hope and dreams that will last forever!

~Perhaps well said… “Hope is a waking dream. (Aristotle)”

Rachana - ~ Hotel Management Graduate. MBA (HR & Tourism) A Learned Chef by Nature. A Beauty Painter by Mood. A Stunning Dancer by Birth...

I have an odd mix of emotions and practicality, perfections and common sense.
Lover of humming Butterflies, colours, chocolates
Who fears of unknown
Who needs little appriciation in sincere words with a tint of charm over the top
Who gives sharp feelings for taste, time, hearing and sense of smell.
Who would like to see bloom and bliss with rachi creations..
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A Complete Unconventional "Creation"..!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The smallest things

Sometimes I'm amazed at beauty of our world. It seems to me at times to be so big & diverse. Of course, slowly we've taken over more & more of the "wild" & natural spaces in the world, if we continue there won't be any place we can go that brings us back to nature. Yes, I could make this piece a political statement of how we need to protect our natural world but that's not what I write about. I only mention how big the world is to give you an understanding of how the smallest thing can be so important.

I've written a lot the last few days about how busy my life has been & I've tried to explain how I stay focused in the current moment even through all the noise in the busyness of my life. I try to relate these stories to help you understand how important it is to stay focused in the current moment.

When things get busy in my life, I always try to take time to focus on the littlest things around me. I can lose myself in the beauty of a flower. I can find joy in watching the birds in my backyard. I can find the wonder in the way the wind moves the tree branches. Yes, I love nature but to me it's through focusing on the smallest things that I can return to the joy I have inside.

All joy begins with the love we have inside & sometimes when life gets busy, we just need to rediscover the joy we have inside. For me that journey always begins with focusing on the beauty around me & paying attention to the smallest things that come into my life. Sure, "things" in your life can bring you joy & people in your life can bring you joy but this kind of joy is only a fleeting feeling that disappears quickly after the "thing" is over or gets old or when the person leaves or the moment passes. The joy we have inside is always there. It's just a matter of tapping into that deep well of joy we have inside.

When life gets busy we tend to get caught up in the busyness & forget the things that brings us joy. I have discovered that in this busy time is when I need to reconnect with my soul (true self) more then any other time. This connection with my soul is the doorway to the wealth of love & joy I have inside. Each of us is a truly loving being & it is only because of our disconnection from our soul that we search for love & joy outside of ourselves.

Our connection to God/universe is all encompassing & the depth of love we have inside is amazing to discover. The key is to take the time to discover it. Let go of the past, move beyond the filters we create & discover the joy & love you have inside!!

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day:"When things get the busiest in our lives, take time to appreciate the smallest things & rediscover the joy you have inside!"

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Shall we dance?

Life has been odd lately. I wrote last Thursday on just how busy things have been & the truth is they haven't slowed down at all. I actually appreciate the busyness because I believe all movement in life is good movement. I know others will disagree with that thought but it's ok, I've just learned in my life that all movement, even negative movement, leads to new things. I love the discovery of new things & I believe strongly in change. I think we all need to embrace change as it will happen with or without us. I told Heidi the other day that to me, right now, I feel like I'm in a snow-globe & every time I think things have settled down someone shakes the globe again & mixes everything up.

It's truly been an odd few weeks & as I have learned to do, I take time to reflect on the events of my life & try to find some pattern or reason that I can learn from these events. As I was reflecting on the events of my life I started to think about dancing. I like the analogy of life being a dance. A dance that can change at any moment & a dance that can have many partners.

You see at times life can be as simple the box step, gently flowing across the floor with your beautiful partner. You're leading the way as things unfold before your eyes. Then at times life can be like a freestyle, moving to the beat the way that you feel is correct. You may be on your own but you're just enjoying moving your body to the music. For me, right now, life seems to be a Tango. It continues to entice me with every step but there's never anything beyond the dance.

I continue to dance with the universe & wait for things to unfold before me. I know when the timing is right that all this movement will lead to the perfect opportunity. My life has been a glorious dance & I enjoy the beauty of it with each step I take. I love to listen to the music & feel where it moves next. Enjoy the dance of life & live it to the fullest in each step you take.

Till Tomorrow,


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Quote of the day: "The beauty of life is like a dance, it unfolds with each step we take. Enjoy the movement & feel the music of life!"

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