Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The smallest things

Sometimes I'm amazed at beauty of our world. It seems to me at times to be so big & diverse. Of course, slowly we've taken over more & more of the "wild" & natural spaces in the world, if we continue there won't be any place we can go that brings us back to nature. Yes, I could make this piece a political statement of how we need to protect our natural world but that's not what I write about. I only mention how big the world is to give you an understanding of how the smallest thing can be so important.

I've written a lot the last few days about how busy my life has been & I've tried to explain how I stay focused in the current moment even through all the noise in the busyness of my life. I try to relate these stories to help you understand how important it is to stay focused in the current moment.

When things get busy in my life, I always try to take time to focus on the littlest things around me. I can lose myself in the beauty of a flower. I can find joy in watching the birds in my backyard. I can find the wonder in the way the wind moves the tree branches. Yes, I love nature but to me it's through focusing on the smallest things that I can return to the joy I have inside.

All joy begins with the love we have inside & sometimes when life gets busy, we just need to rediscover the joy we have inside. For me that journey always begins with focusing on the beauty around me & paying attention to the smallest things that come into my life. Sure, "things" in your life can bring you joy & people in your life can bring you joy but this kind of joy is only a fleeting feeling that disappears quickly after the "thing" is over or gets old or when the person leaves or the moment passes. The joy we have inside is always there. It's just a matter of tapping into that deep well of joy we have inside.

When life gets busy we tend to get caught up in the busyness & forget the things that brings us joy. I have discovered that in this busy time is when I need to reconnect with my soul (true self) more then any other time. This connection with my soul is the doorway to the wealth of love & joy I have inside. Each of us is a truly loving being & it is only because of our disconnection from our soul that we search for love & joy outside of ourselves.

Our connection to God/universe is all encompassing & the depth of love we have inside is amazing to discover. The key is to take the time to discover it. Let go of the past, move beyond the filters we create & discover the joy & love you have inside!!

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Quote of the day:"When things get the busiest in our lives, take time to appreciate the smallest things & rediscover the joy you have inside!"

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Myrna R. said...

Joe, like you whenever I'm busy or just "disconnected" I observe the little things - the Africn Violets on my widow sill, my dog being a dog, or the desert outside my house, so full of life and wonder. I appreciate your reminder that joy is already within us. I hope we all tap into it today.

Saundra said...

Today I am enjoying the wonder of trees. I love your approach to life.

Timberwolf123 said...

Myrna, sounds wonderful I love watching my dogs as well.

Saundra, Thank you for your kind words. I try to look at everything in the world with wonder!!

Thanks for stopping,



Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Last week I created a photo of a single little flower with the words..."the simple things in life" so I guess we're on the same wave length again.

Thanks to you, I now take quiet time each morning and either sit outside or near the window and focus on all the litte things...birds, butterflies, sounds, smells, colors of flowers etc. It really grounds me and gets my day off on the right foot.

Have a wonderful day!


Timberwolf123 said...

Marie, it is funny when we do that!! =D I'm glad that you've found a morning practice that helps you feel more grounded...it's a great way to start everyday!!



YogaSavy said...

When it gets too hectic for me I like to tuck myself away in my room for a few minutes or whatever time is possible. I tend to just sit and connect within. I am ready to come out of that place when I am energized and ready.
Have a great week!

Timberwolf123 said...

Yoga, Thanks as always for your comments. I think making the connection within is the most important thing to remember. However you get there is a personal thing but making that connection resolves everything else.



Debra Jason said...

Being grateful for the little things can make a big difference.