Monday, August 2, 2010

Defining Moments

Our lives are full of "defining moments" sometimes they're subtle & go by without us even realizing them & sometimes they're obvious & we realize that we have a life changing decision to make. Many of us avoid these big decisions because we can't clearly see which way to go. We think that by making no decision we can keep the life the way it is but the truth is that no decision is still a decision & the change we are trying to avoid will happen with or without us.

There's no easy way to deal with these big decisions. Each decision has it's own unique set of circumstances so even if we've been through them before we can still struggle with the circumstances of the next big decision but the general framework we've discussed before is a great starting point; First - take time to reflect the decision that you have to make. Second - get in touch with your true self (soul) & understand how each of the decisions feel to you. Third - talk to people you trust & listen to the feedback they give you.

The decision in these defining moments is one that once made has to be owned. Move forward with the strength of the information you've gathered. Realize that as we discussed last week there are no wrong decisions there are only decisions that take you away from your true purpose in life. We will always have the opportunity to come back to our life's purpose.

Sometimes when we are faced with these defining moments we backslide to our old patterns. The same patterns we thought we had grown beyond & within these old patterns we discover the fear we never truly dealt with. Moving beyond these old patterns can be a challenge but the first step is to recognize that you are backsliding. Once you realize the pattern & the fear associated with it, it's much easier to move beyond this fear into a better place. Remember that living your life in the current moment means releasing the past & focusing on what you fell right now. I know at times this is easier said then done but trust me it is possible to move through these defining moments without repeating the past patterns that have shaped our life.

Defining moments can feel like a fork in the road & truly the decision you make at these moments can have a big impact on your life but remember that there are no wrong decisions God/universe has a way of bringing us back to where we need to be. Sometimes it's like going from Chicago to Denver via Atlanta. It works but it's not the most ideal way to go. Trust in your true self (soul) move beyond the logical solution in your head as this is solution is normally tied to your EGO. Believe in yourself & live the life you're meant to live!!

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Quote of the day: "Defining moments in your life are time to slow down & pay attention to your true self (soul). By taking time & connecting with how you truly feel about these moments you can discover a more joyful life."

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Just Be Real said...

Bill, great and encouraging post. Need to read today. Blessings.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Real! I try to be encouraging in everything I do, life is what we make it.

Hugs & thanks for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on this one yesterday, but AB had me quite busy with back & forth emails :-)

I totally agree 100%! Defining moments are not to be ventured into lightly, but once that path has been taken, it is quite wise to "Own" it!

Love the quote by the way...I might just have to share that one on FB to help lift the spirits of some of my friends.

Excellent, excellent post!!!