Sunday, September 11, 2011

And What Now?

What have I lost in my discovery of how I am? What have we all lost in this age of intolerance? We’ve embarked on a journey together but yet in the current times all we seem to do is draw lines in the sand that define who we think we are. Why is it so important to be so certain? Know that it’s only the Ego that needs certainty & the louder the drum beats the more certain we think we become. But, really do we have all the answers? Search deep in your soul & understand that we are all searching, some of us are more enlightened then others but does that mean we should all join in? NO! what it means is that we each experience our own path to discover, each in our own unique way. So each of us is charged with understanding that just because someone else doesn’t agree with our point of view doesn’t mean they are wrong, it only means that they have experienced different things then we have.

This enlightenment that each of us are only trying to discover what we truly need is the awaking that we all need to find. For each of us is connected deeper then we’ll ever understand & we are on a journey together & separately to discover what is important in our lives. We forget, unfortunately, that we are all on the same journey & only by coming together & letting go of our Ego…and the need to be right, can we truly move onto a common ground that can change the world.

The noise is loud & sometimes deafening especially in the current environment where governments daily draw the line in the sand & challenge everyone to find a solution. Stop the noise, listen to your heart, believe that you can make a difference & that everyone who crosses your path is there for a reason.

Yes, sometimes the quietest voice is the only one you should be listening to because the noise is loud but doesn’t really ring true to who are. Let go, find common ground & discover that no matter who we are that we all journey for the same thing. Don’t judge, instead accept. For through acceptance of our differences we grow together instead of apart. We’ve lived far too long apart, we are one people with one journey & that journey is to make the world a better place. So let go of the acrimony & discover that through love & acceptance we can all get along.

Till next time,


Quote of the day: “In my heart I know you are my brother & regardless of our differences I understand that we are one & will always be that way.”


Canyn said...

I think our problem with government is that the people who should be leading us don't want to do it. The people who would truly look out for the people aren't power seekers. We've set ourselves up, for the most part, with a system of leadership by self-serving, unenlightened ne'er-do-wells. It's frustrating to see the president strong-armed into unsatisfactory agreements and compromises. \\\Wake up everybody! You can't take it with you and in the mean time everyone needs to eat and have a roof over their heads!/// In the mean time, you are still doing your part to raise consciousness and inspire compassion. {{{Love to you and Heidi!}}}

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Sweetie, the problem isn't leadership the problem is Ego's...we've come to a point in time that we feel like we have to define who we are & actually we are all one.....we need to let go of what we think we need to be & become who we truly are.