Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In Nature find Life!

Do you try to get back to nature?  Or do you avoid the outdoors?  I personally find great solace in nature and I believe that regardless of whether you spend time outdoors or not, nature has many lessons for us to learn. 

Life mirrors nature whether we want to believe or not.  Everything in nature has its time and place, in life it is the same way.  We try so very hard to hold onto our accomplishments and success….our “summer”.  We believe life is only about what we can accomplish, how we can find our next success.  But, I believe that through the winter (down times) we can find the strength to grow again and flourish even better than trying to hold onto something that had its time already.

Growth in life is the only path to enlightenment and if a person feels that there is no more room to grow because they have everything they want, they are not being honest with themselves. Everyone has something that they are missing in their life, sometimes this void can be a great motivator to find your next success. But, if we turn to nature and discover the natural rhymes of our life we will find everything much easier to move forward.  By truly listening to our body and feeling when it is time to move to the next season in our lives we give ourselves a chance to grow even greater than we were before.

Nature shows us that with every winter there is always another spring and with every summer there is a fall to reap the harvest.  The mightiest oak would never grow as tall or strong if all it had was summer to enjoy, it would instead never be prepared for the cold of winter and would fade away when winter came.

Our lives are about possibilities and every day we open a new chapter.  Do not fear the winter time in your life because through our trials we grow, like the oak, to be stronger than we were before.  Listening to nature will always bring you back to who you truly are, as with nature everything and everyone is connected.  Our journey in life is to know this and by knowing it to affect the world in a positive way.  Are you up for the challenge?

Till next time,

Quote of the Day: “Listen to nature and find your true place; for everything and everyone has its mission, once you discover yours your life will change.”

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