Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks!

With the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday, I think it’s time again to think about giving thanks.  What are you thankful for?  Through gratitude everything is possible.  I have mentioned before that my wife Heidi and I practice gratefuls every day.  We believe in the power of giving thanks.  No matter how dark of a day you are having there is always something to be grateful for.

The more you appreciate your life as it is today, the more you open your heart to other possibilities.  It is only by being grateful that we allow God/universe to work on our behalf.  Remember God/universe only wants to give us what we are looking for but that can be negative things as well as positive things.  By starting each day with gratitude we express thanks to God/universe for the wonderful things that God/universe brought into our lives yesterday.

I have also discovered that by starting the day with gratitude we set a more positive tone for the whole day ahead of us.  This tone then translates into more things to be grateful for today and so on.  So what are you grateful for?  I’d love to hear all of your responses.  Here are some of mine:

1.       I am grateful for my family.  I love and appreciate all my sisters, my mother, my
 3 daughters and my beautiful wife Heidi.
2.       I am grateful for living in Colorado.  I love the beauty of this state and I am
 grateful that I have ended up here.
3.       I am grateful for my house.  I love where we live and appreciate owning my
 own place.
4.       I am grateful for the opportunity to start my own business and to get away  
 for the corporate world and especially taxes.
5.       I am grateful for my community.  I love the people in this area and believe
 together we can do anything.  I am honored to be involved with 2 Chamber
 of Commerce’s and to be the Co-Chair of the 285 Tourism Committee.
6.       I am grateful for our 3 dogs they bring us joy and laughter every day.
7.       I am grateful for all my online friends, some of whom have been with me
 for nearly 10 years.  I appreciate your friendship and support.
8.       I am grateful that I can be a voice for those that need one.
9.       I am grateful for my birthday which this year is on Thanksgiving.  I
 celebrate each year with appreciation as I know too well that nothing
 is guaranteed.
10.   I am grateful for finding joy in the smallest things.

I wish you all a beautiful, warm Thanksgiving and if you are not in the US, I hope the intention of this day can be shared worldwide.

Till next time,


Quote of the day: “By giving thanks we open our heart to joy and discover the path to a better life.” 

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