Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life's questions

Does your mind race everyday with the questions of your life; where are you going?, what are doing?, how can I make my life better? We all have times in our lives when the questions seem to outweigh the answers, when even though we're not thinking about the questions they're running around in the deep recesses of our mind. These questions gum up our life & can sometimes consume us to a point where we don't know what to do about anything. We can bring yourselves to the point where we can't sleep & no matter what we can't quiet our mind.

I know what this is like. I've been there before in my life & I've discovered that there are ways to move beyond these questions. My life this year has been one of transition. I have been away from home & my wife for 5 months now & I've gone from working a temp job halfway across the country to accepting a permanent position in a new state & trying to move my family here to join me. Prior to this new opportunity I was unemployed for over 14's been an odd but wonderful year.

The overwhelming questions & things that need to be done under these circumstances can cause anyone turmoil in their life but I've discovered that if you take time to be in the present & let go of the worry, you can deal with anything that comes your way. By breaking down the overwhelming amount of things to do into "what can I do today?"& allowing the rest of the questions to fall away until it's their time. Can ease the feeling of being overwhelmed & allow you to open your heart and enjoy the life you have in-front of you.

Life is to short to make the decision that I'll put it on hold for 'x' amount of time because once I do this, or that, maybe both my life will be better. This is a lie!!! To find joy in your life & to life your life to fullest you need discover the joy that is each & every moment.

Now, I'm not going to sit here & say that everything in this transition has gone easy or perfect but even when things are difficult by taking the time to discover the joy in the moment in-front you, you will live a better life. There is also joy even in struggles. The secret is to always look for it. The lessons we learn in the current moment are the lessons that will lead us onward to a better life.

Trust in the way God/universe works. Allow; let go of the need for control & the answers you're looking for will reveal themselves perfectly before you. Everything in it's time. allow God/universe to work with you in the creation of a more joyful life. Be grateful in every moment & discover the way life unfolds perfectly before you.

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Quote of the day: "The questions of life can be answered when you allow them to unfold in their own time. Let of tomorrow & enjoy today!"

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Karen @ Pledging for Change said...

if we all woke up each day and asked ourselves "what can I do today"...what a wonderful day it would be.

Thats is now a new year resolution for me so thankyou Bill..
now...what can I do today?
Let the universe be my guide...

Kratik said...

Absolutely brilliant.
really helpful.
please also read my blog:

Cheers :)