Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The lies within,

Do you lie to yourself?  Do you quietly tell yourself you’re not worthy of what just happened in your life?  The secret lies that we tell ourselves are some of the worst we can have to deal with in your life.  When we continue to lie to ourselves, we perpetuate a cycle that only leads to more disappointment.  Remember thoughts create things so what we say to ourselves even in the quietest part of our mind only create more of the same.

We all have feelings of “not being good enough” at some time in our life and we often interpret others actions as confirmation of our own inadequacies.  We’d much rather listen to the noise of the world to find the truth we’re looking for; then to go inside and discover who we truly are!

The more we tell ourselves lies the further we get from the truth:  You are a beautiful creation, your soul purpose in life is to know you are love and to find and spread love into the world.  We all make mistakes, move beyond them.  We all feel disconnected from the world at times, like we don’t belong or that we’re not good enough.  Don’t believe those lies!!! 

Your Ego is what wants to make you feel inadequate because it wants instant gratification in every moment of every day.  It feeds on your true self to keep itself going strong.  The greatest practice you can learn in life is to quiet the mind and truly listen to the soul.  This took me way too long to figure out and because of that I lived in a state of ego for far too many years.

Let go of the lies, move out of your head and discover the joy you are seeking in your life.

Till next time,


Quote of the day: “The lies we tell ourselves are the rarely based in truth.  Move away from your head and into your soul for the truth you’ve been looking for.”

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