Thursday, October 8, 2015

When darkness envelops you

We all have bad days, yes even me from time to time.  You the know days where you wake up and feel grumpy or angry or sad or maybe all of these things.  These feelings are a normal part of life.  To feel joy we need to know sadness; to know peace we need to know anger and to find calm we need to feel grumpy every now and again.  I learned over the years of my spiritual growth ways to deal with these feelings so they do not over take you and cause a shift into despair in your life.

We have talked often about focus and minding your thoughts.  The darkness that comes into our life is no different.  We need to acknowledge the feelings that we are feeling, we need to try to understand where these feelings are coming from.   Sometimes either of these can be very difficult to do but first look at what has happened recently in your life, then look at what you are afraid of.  Most often fear is the basis of bad feelings, we are afraid of what might happen, we are afraid of changes in our life that we have no control over or we are afraid of what we are missing in our life or the lack of something in our life.

Always remember that whatever you feel, you are allowed to feel.  No one should ever try to tell you differently!!  I propose only ways to limit darkness that comes into our lives so we do not fall into the darkness itself.  Look for ways to brighten your thoughts, always begin with gratitude for something in your life, through gratitude we change our focus automatically.  Find a song or a quote that lifts your soul whenever you hear it or read it.  Release the fear and know that just by moving forward you are moving towards your dreams.

I have discovered that life is rarely a straight line from point A to point B.  Often it is a winding path that we can only see after we have reached the goal we were looking for.  This alone can cause confusion and distress, just know that as long as you move forward towards your goal God/universe will bring you to it.  God/universe works through everything around us so the path is not always what we imagine it to be, often it is only by looking back that we can see how far we have come and that we are further than we could even imagine.

We all have darkness within us, celebrate the darkness, reflect on its part in your life and move beyond it to a more joyful life.

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Quote of the day: “When the darkness envelopes us; listen to what it has to say, open your heart to the light and discover the pathway to joy!”

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