Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being Grateful

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the easiest first steps for moving from a place of negativity to being more positive is by expressing your gratitude.  I believe that by finding ways to be grateful in our lives we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities.  This small step, that I practice daily, is an exercise that is well worth your time.

For those of you who don't know this practice, it's really very simple.  Every morning I sit & think of things from the day before to be grateful for.  I try to write them down to have a record of my expressions.  It can be as simple as; I am grateful for all the wonderful people I've met on Twitter or as personal as I am grateful for the love & support of my wife.  What you are grateful for isn't as important as going through the process everyday.  The more routine you can make this process the more you can begin to open yourself up. 

What I have found over the past several years of doing this is that what you are grateful for begins to show up more in your life.  There are many reasons for this but the simplest way to explain it is that we are all connected & your thoughts have power.  Even the thoughts you don't express are heard by the universe/God & those thoughts create actions without you ever knowing it. 

I like to think of this process as being similar to throwing a stone into a pond.  A single thought grows outward from its source (yourself) till it is heard throughout the universe.  There has been many studies that show that this process does actually work.  One of the most dramatic for me was the effect of thoughts on water.  By thinking about the water no matter how far apart the people thinking of the water were the water actually changed its shape & structure.

Know that we live a beautiful universe where love is the greatest gift we can give and because of this the universe/God wants to give us back what we desire.  If we only think negative thoughts we will continue to bring negative things into our lives as the universe/God only knows to give us what we ask for.

Today start the practice of being grateful, reflect on what you are grateful for and know how that gratitude feels to you in your heart & soul.  Believe it even if it's forced in the beginning.  Together we can do anything & if we all start to move to a more positive place imagine how great this world will be.

Have a wonderful day.....tomorrow we continue the journey.


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