Thursday, June 3, 2010

Believe in yourself!

I've written before about how we're not allowed to make mistakes anymore. In the world today everyone is trying to do things better & faster. Mistakes are held against us & we are judged for every one we make. It didn't use to be that way, people use to be allowed to make mistakes & discover who they are or what they are good at but because of all the pressure that's associated with trying to live a "perfect" life we lose who we are. Discovering ourselves is one of the most important things we can do in our life & I've written before on the ways I've used to discover my true self & my true life's purpose. The most important aspect of discovering yourself is taking the time to look inside & learning to move beyond the EGO.

Today I want to discuss the other part of getting through your daily life & overcoming the mistakes you make. Besides getting to know who you are, the most important advice I could give anyone is to believe in yourself. We all get caught up in the labels that everyone else gives us. We listen so carefully to what others say about us. We worry that we're not liked or that we're misunderstood. Stop it, stop being concerned about what others think. Live your life for yourself. Be true to who you are & believe in yourself.

I'm not saying that you should blindly go through life believing that every action you take is always the right thing to do. No, just the opposite, you need to pay attention to the signs that God/universe sends you in your life. You need to take the time to discover & connect to your true self (soul) & you need to live your life from a place of love. But, the world can be a cruel place & we can encounter people in our life that are very difficult to get along with. To move beyond the hardships we face in life we need to have a deep seated believe in who we are & what we want to do. This believe needs to be flexible & ever changing as we discover the world as it unfolds before us in each moment. But, we need to believe.

Trust in who you are & let go of the need for approval from others. Believe in the process of discovery & life will open up before you. By believing in yourself you move beyond the influences of others & onto a more joyful life.

I believe in each of you. I believe that at our core we are all loving, good people. Take the time to love yourself, open your heart to others & believe in who you are!!



P.S. I'll be away for a couple of weeks. We were fortunate to get a nice anniversary gift from my in-laws & we're going to travel to Disney World (where we got married) & then camp in the Smoky Mountains. I'm not sure how much internet access I will have at either place so I won't be writing this blog until I return. Please take time to read some of the topics I've written in the past...I look forward to hearing from each of you....hugs

Quote of the day:"Believe in yourself, trust in love & the world will become more amazing then you can imagine."

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Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom - it is so easy to get caught up in worrying about what others think. I know better, but still find myself fighting the urge from time to time.

Have a wonderful trip - your daily inspiration will be missed throughout the blogosphere.


Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Marie, a big change from Glacier but we'll be able to get some Nature in as well as visit the place we were married...I'll try to get on when I can just don't know about internet access.



Mieke said...

Dear Bill,

Would like to wish you and your wife a wonderful holiday!

Have been so lucky myself to visit Disney World near Paris a few years ago with my grandkids. Unforgettable experience :)

And enjoy the beauty of Nature which always is able to take one's breath away.

Looking forward to some pictures...

Hugs from Mieke

Anonymous said...

Great post Bill, have a great time on your vacation.

YogaSavy said...

Your comments have always intrigued and so I decided to take a peek into your world. A beautiful post. have a great time. Look forward to more posts.