Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gulf Crisis

I try to avoid the headlines. My vision for this blog has been to discuss the ways I've learned to live a more joyful life. I've varied a few times because when I can't get something out of my head I truly need to write down my thoughts. I thank all of you for indulging me when I've moved a bit off topic!!

The crisis in the Gulf continues to have a greater & greater impact on so many things (fishing, tourism, marine life) that I left it was time to address it. I have become a little more involved with this cause in the positive way I try to deal with everything in my life. On Saturday I was involved in a phone call creating positive intentions to help the Gulf. (Here's the link if you want to listen). I have also become very involved with a new group that Deepak Chopra has started called "Collective Creativity" . The idea behind this group is to come together to & creativity come up with solutions for the current Gulf crisis but also for bringing the Earth back into harmony. Deepak leads the group with an 8 point plan on how you can help right now.

I ask each of you that reads this blog to let go of the negativity involved in this crisis. Look for positive solutions. Look for ways to help & get involved. I am a strong believer in the human spirit & I believe & know that together we can do anything. Remember that thoughts create things & if we all get mired down in the negative we will create more negative events around this crisis.

I understand that there is a lot of anger involved with this crisis but anger will never solve anything in life. Anger only helps to destroy what has already been built. There's more then enough blame to go around for everyone involved in this crisis but I ask for you to let go of the anger & the blame, focus on the positive things you can do to help. Envision the recover of this area that has just begun to recover from Katrina.

The negativity that surrounds all of us on a daily basis holds us back from leading a truly joyful life! Let go of all the noise, come together in love. Release the need to be right all the time & instead become apart of the solution. I believe in the human spirit, I've seen what can be accomplished when we come together & I know the best of us shines through when the need is the deepest. Join me in bringing the world together & the earth back into harmony!!

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Healing Morning said...

Very thoughtful post here today, Bill. First, congratulations on reaching your one year anniversary for your blog! (Mine is coming up towards the end of this summer.) I agree with your topic that focusing on anger isn't helpful or productive. Certainly, a brief moment here and there is completely human and shows us that we're alive and that our emotions function as they are meant to. Beyond that recognition, I agree with you that the better part of valor is to focus those same energies that stoke anger into stoking enthusiasm and positive thoughts. That is a much more healthy and loving approach all around and produces such a wonderful boomerang effect!

I apologize for being so absent from leaving comments of late. I'm coming back to a better routine with that, but obviously I missed where you started having guest authors. Shoot me an email w/ more details!


YogaSavy said...

Congratulations on your one year of blogging.
I have come across many articles about the Gulf crisis and the venom and anger that spouts from it is scary yet true.

Those who have this anger have the power and courage to bring matters like these to the forefront.

I do believe in drawing the line or finding the right balance or channeling one's anger appropriately.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Dawn for the lovely comment. I always appreciate your thoughts.




I agree that all emotions have a place for if we don't acknowledge our emotions we can never move beyond them. My point was that anger never truly accomplishes may spur you to action but if you act out of anger most of the time you'll be sorry. By re-directing that anger to a positive thought we can change the world.



Mieke said...

Dear Bill,

I remember we did something similar in the past with Aurora Carlson, who did set up a whole internetsite for people that came together in a healing meditation for a certain cause.

It seems to work and I truly believe that the oil spill will be stopped within a short time because of all the positive energy that has been directed towards it now.

I have read Lynne McTaggart's book about the collective healing power and she certainly has a point here.

I made it my daily practice already to meditate at certain moments during the day and send positive energy to places where it is needed.

Am convinced that I am not the only one :)

Love and positive vibrations from Mieke :)