Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rose colored glasses

I have often been asked if my positive attitude about life is really just looking at the world through rose colored glasses. My answer is always the same, "No" I see the pain, the ugly human behavior & the need to grab power. I understand all of these things, I just choose not to focus on them. I've been hurt in my life & I've known pain & bad times but even in those times I've found the joy in each moment as I move forward in my life.

Life is about choices & you have a choice in each moment that you live. You can choose to accept all the negative that surrounds you or you can acknowledge the negative & move beyond it to place of joy. The choice is really up to you. Your life is really your own choosing. Don't blame others for your misfortune. Understand that what happens in your life is your own creation. This can be a difficult lesson to learn especially when bad things continue to happen to you but it is a lesson that you should learn.

I'm not saying that there aren't random bad things that happen to everyone from time to time. What I'm saying is that by understanding how we create our life we minimize these bad things & bring more joy into our life. We can't control much in our life but we can allow the God/universe to create the life we envision. Our biggest challenge is allowing not controling. We become very attached to our dreams/intentions & the more we're attached the harder it is for the God/universe to create what we envision.

To me detachment works like this; I want a job that is fulfilling & that pays enough for me to be able to pay my bills. I then allow God/universe to create the circumstances for this intention to be created. You can be more specific but the key is to allow God/universe to create the path to the fulfillment of your intention & to not be attached to the results.

Take time each day to create the life you want to live. Let go of the negative in your life & live a more joyful life today.

Till tomorrow,


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Quote of the day: "Life is about choices, choose joy & you'll discover more joy in your life!"

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Tony Anders said...

I agree with you. I also would rather choose "rose colored glasses" as opposed to putting duct tape over my eyes. I think that when I am accused of seeing things "brighter", it is often when others are perhaps confronted with their own choice of dimmer views. Seeing that we all have a choice on our perspective, it can be threatening when others may choose to remain in the "grayscale" side of things. The glasses aren't always so bad...kind of retro! ;) Blessings my friend!

Susan Deborah said...

What you have written here is very true but takes a lot of perseverance and patience. I am still trying and getting strengthened. Every day is a challenge but I know that god will lead me one.

Blessings and joy, Bill

YogaSavy said...

Just like emotions or feelings belongs to us, Life and its journey is something that is our responsibility too.

The rose colored glasses is a challenging journey but is worth it.

I do enjoy reading your posts and the honesty is pure.
Thank You

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Tony I always appreciate you stopping by. It takes practice to not be sucked into the negative that others are feeling. I have worked hard on it to listen with compassion but not allow my energy to shift.

I love life & only hope to instill that joy in others as they grow on their own path.

Susan thanks for stopping by. There is a learning process in staying positive but don't give up because I know it's possible for everyone.


Thank you for your kind comments. I try to write from my heart & with all the honest I live my life with. I understand how difficult some of the things I've said can be for people because I've had times in my life when things were very difficult. I'm just here to show that you can make it through & lead a more joyful life if you take the time to learn & grow.