Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cleaning Out & Restoring Yourself

Many of us think about doing a complete cleaning in the Spring. I personally look at cleaning in many different ways. Like many of you I try to do a complete cleaning in the spring & usually in the fall but I believe in the movement of things throughout your life. This movement of the stuff in our life can actually help us become more open & help our life, spirit or energy to move forward. Many of us get stuck in our old ways refusing to let go the things in our life that don't really work for us anymore. We become stubborn with everything in our lives & then we wonder why our life isn't moving forward the way we want it to.

The simple act of "cleaning out" can allow new things into your life. Sometimes this "cleaning out" isn't easy. I recently cleaned out my closet & donated many of my old clothes to Goodwill. Several of these old clothes had a very deep meaning to me & not unlike music when we see a piece of clothing it transports us back to the moment we acquired it or wore it. For me many of the clothes I let go of were from trips I've taken in my life or from shows I was in as an actor. Letting go of these "memories" can be difficult but the thing to remember is that the memories aren't in the "things". The "things" are just something to help us remember the memory & we hold onto it like it really matters. The truth is holding onto the past can keep us stuck in the past. Instead of holding onto a "thing" why not keep a book with the special memories. By letting go of "things" we can open our self up to new possibilities.

This of course if also true of thoughts & sometimes just the process of "cleaning out" things can actually change your thoughts & open you up to new possibilities. There's an amazing truth in the universe & that truth is that "Letting go of the past & allowing things to happen in the present moment will create more joy in your life then you can imagine." When you feel stuck try "cleaning out" something in your life & you may discover that by "cleaning out" you truly restore yourself to the beautiful person your are!

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Quote of the day:"The simple act of cleaning out things in your life can open you up to new possibilities. Discover the possibilities today & lead a more joyful life!"

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Rachel said...

Cleaning is theraputic for me - needless to say I don't have much necessary stuff just laying around. :-) Though in the past couple of years I hang onto more stuff than I use to for sentimental reasons - though still very little. I think our surrounds affects the state of our minds.


beth chapman said...

Bill a former boss of mine was SO excited over a new vaccuum cleaner. He is not a house cleaning husband so I didn't understand the thrill. He explained it was one of those with the clear canister. He could 'see' the dust. He could 'see' he was making a difference. Vaccuum. Empty. Throw it out. Your post reminded me of how little we ever get to see 'completed'. Thank you.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Rachel & Beth I appreciate the comments it's amazing how a little letting go can change your life.



Healing Morning said...

Bill, one of my very early blog posts was entitled "Fall Cleaning & Pruning".

It was along the same general topic, w/ my stuff focusing more on the cleaning & pruning of a relationship sort. After reading your post, I went back & revisited my old post & was pleased that I still found it to express my emotions very well on the topic.

I also enjoy reading friends' POV on similar subject/content. Very cool! :)

~ Dawn

Lena said...

Sometimes you have to get rid of old things to make place for new ones.. Guess it is for our best.. Only leaving old feelings or memories behind we can be open for new ones.

Though it is damn tough to let go of things that used to matter a lot.

JACQUI said...

Hi Bill. I nearly wrote on this the other day (I sound like you, hee hee). Spring cleaning is so important to keep the energy flowing. Feng shui people know what they're talking about. Sometimes I spring clean at home - clear out the clutter or move things around. And I find that writing is great for mental spring cleaning - it helps shake off old habits of thought that aren't useful anymore.