Monday, February 8, 2010


The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday! Ok maybe not but it's amazing how the morning begins on the day after the Super Bowl. To start with unlike many people throughout the country I'm a Colts fan so there's a certain malaise built in when your team loses, especially when they were the favorites. Truthfully I think we all have days when we are just in a state of malaise.

According to the definition of malaise is: "a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort." I look at each day as a new beginning & when I feel a general malaise about things I try to reflect on where the feeling comes from. In general that's what I try to do about any feeling I feel. I believe strongly in the fact that we all need to pay attention to our feelings. I don't believe in denying your feelings but instead I believe in reflecting on why you're feeling the way you're feeling & then moving beyond that feeling back to a place of joy.

It's ok to have days that you need to recoup & pause. Nature itself has the winter & everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes we need the pause to refocus & move forward. Through understanding who we are & why we feel the way we feel. We can change our lives. It's through this recognition & acceptance of all of who we are that we can move beyond any malaise we feel.

Open your heart & accept the wonderful person you are even when the day isn't perfect. You can change your life today!! All it takes is moving to a place of love & acceptance.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"Understand what you feel in any moment, accept this feeling & move on to a place of love. Through love you will always find a more joyful life."

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Lena said...

I like the quote. It is sad that in this crazy daily run after something we forget about ourselves. Sometimes even losing ourselves and our way.

It is good to make a break sometimes, think of what you are, what you feel and what you want. Then you can move on being YOU and not someone else.

Healing Morning said...

Happy Monday, Bill! I agree strongly w/ the premise of identifying the core issue when general malaise sets in. Once I put my finger on the why of it, then I have more power and ability to address the situation.

I also strongly support truly feeling the feelings, rather than sweeping them aside, stuffing them down or self-medicating in all the myriad ways society dictates. Personally, I'd much rather feel the authentic (there's that word again!) emotion, experience it, honor it and then process it and move forward, than cover it w/ meds or ignore it.

Life is to be lived - gloriously so, whether that requires a wee stroke of malaise or an exuberant cartwheel or two. Each have valid reasons to exist and shake hands with occasionally. That's my two cents' worth for this fine, sunshiney day!

~ Dawn

Daniel said...

Bill, I know how you feel.I was also cheering for Colts and I stayed all night(here at my country it was late night during the game)to watch the game.Only thing I have get from the game is lack of sleep.

Anonymous said...

Open your heart & accept the wonderful person you are even when the day isn't perfect.

I'm trying. I really am.

Thanks for being a part of my life, Bill.

Beth Chapman said...

"off my feed" is what my grandmother used to call it. I have no idea exactly what that means but somehow it makes it a bit neutral. My grandfather would ask if 'I had set the table' meaning did I bring it on myself. I prefer to think of 'setting the table' as welcoming as friends all the emotions and teachers. Sometimes it really ticks the malaise off and it leaves. Other times, as we sit together, I learn a lot. Great post to ponder on a snow filled gray day. Thank you

Tony Anders said...

Malaise!! THAT'S the word I have been looking for! LOL Being a OSU Buckeye fan - I have felt it many times before pertaining to football! As far as for myself, the feeling of malaise is dispelled when I give of myself and focus on anything other than how I feel I should be feeling! Thanks as always friend!

JACQUI said...

I think so much trouble comes when we don't listen to how we feel, so rather than it passing on by naturally in its own time, it lingers - that's when trouble can start. It is so important to be in touch with our feelings. So true.

Sureindran said...

I believe that acceptance is one key factor for a better life. Being able to accept life as it is, a day as it is makes life easier and less stressful. It's definitely okay for a break in life. Malaise? Oh, I know how that feels!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that I despise the Colts, part of my top 5 hated teams. But I do know the feeling when your team loses. I nearly lost it when my Pats lost to your Colts during the season. You're absolutely right about needing to pay attention to our feelings, especially when those feeling are negative ones. Whether we realize it or not, they will affect other parts of our lives.