Thursday, February 18, 2010


The truth is power can be good or bad but today I'm not talking about power to control or even the power to lead. Today I want to discuss the power each of us have inside. Do you realize how powerful you truly are? You have the ability to change everything in your life with just your thoughts & the pure connection to your soul.

To me the soul is our connection to everything. It is the truest & most natural connection that we have. The unfortunate thing is we lose this connection as we grow because we discover our EGO. I've written many times about the EGO so let's just say that no matter what we do, the EGO will never been satisfied. It may be satisfied for the moment but never very long at all. It always wants more & always wants the next best thing. It takes us over so much that many of us spend our entire life just trying to make it back to our true connection with God/universe, our soul.

The journey of life is to rediscover that true connection with our soul. Some of us can, at times, reach that connection & when we do miraculous things happen. Everything in our life works in perfect harmony & just flows when we are truly connected to our divine source, the soul.

We have the power to not only change ourselves but to change the world around us when we have this true connection. Everyone today is searching for the quick & easy answer to make their life better. The answer is not something we seek outside ourselves. Don't look for what you think will make your life better. Instead look inside. Believe in you. Find the quiet within, discover the true connection with God/universe that is your soul. Sit quietly reflect on your life. let go of the pain of the past. Find the peace & love you have inside. Allow that love to fill you up & overflow to the rest of the world. Discover the joy of life in perfect harmony. Take the time to discover your true power within.

Till Monday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Quote of the day:"Discover the power you have within yourself. Connect to your soul & rediscover the harmony we all can live in."

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Jessica said...

I agree that there is something to be said for sitting down, disconnecting from the outside world (just for a bit - don't want anyone going into withdrawal), and listening... whether you believe the you are listening for God or your own inner self, the important thing is that you are listening. All too often that inner voice gets ignored or drowned out by the world around us.

Bernadine said...

This was such an inspirational message Bill!

I think that a daily visit to your blog, especially during my very hectic work week, would do wonders to remind myself of the true path and connection to life.

I know these things, but at times it seems that the noises from outside tend to stifle the music within. Thank you for the beautiful symphony of your words, shining a light to the way within!

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Jessica & Bernadine I appreciate the comments.



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Travelling Rants said...

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