Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giving Back

One of the greatest things we can do in life is give back to others. The "others" that we give back to can be anyone, it's the act of giving back that makes a difference. With the craziness of today's economic situation many people have stopped contributing to charitable organizations because they simply don't have the funds to give money to any charity. I truly understand this as I've had a tough time being out of work contributing to any worthwhile cause. I still try to give a little here & there because I believe so strongly in giving back.

Giving back doesn't have to be giving money. There are so many ways to give back to others in your life & none them have to be money if that's a difficult thing to give. The important thing is to make the effort to give & to give freely. I have been very active in trying to give anywhere I can. I have contributed to some non-profits with my business knowledge & writing skills. In fact I'm becoming more & more involved with different organizations to try & help out anyway I can. I have also started helping my friend with his business. He's been a great friend & I'm very happy to help him out. It doesn't matter who you give to. It only matters that you're giving. So what are you going to do today to give back?

The act of giving back to others will open you up to so many more possibilities. In addition this "giving back" should fill you up with love, compassion & understanding depending on where you're giving to. Find the joy of giving of yourself, help a friend,an organization or school. Give freely of yourself & watch the universe open up before you.

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Quote of the day:"The act of giving back to others is the greatest gift you can give. Open your heart & give freely & the universe will open up before you."

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pr0udmom0f3 said...

Great post! I give to my community. Actually to my children's school. Although the weather is not permitting me at this time.

Normally, I 'work' at the school three days per week helping out in mainly 3 different classrooms. Fridays are the busiest.

I easily spend between 1 and 4 hours at the school doing various tasks. I'm not giving money. I'm giving my heart and dedication to the children, teachers and the staff that I serve.

Believe me I do get paid. But not with money. With the children's smiles when I walk in the room, their success after I tutor a child having problems with their reading skills, seeing them willing to learn and strive to do better.

ALL because someone from the "outside" shows that they care about their education...and them.

beth said...

Bill Add to your list the gift of giving inspiration, hope and laughter with your writing. A good reminder for us all. Thank you.

Coffee With Marty said...

I think that if we do things for others, God remembers and blesses us in return. Worked time and time again for me :)

Thanks for the thoughts.

Daniel said...

If everyone gives just 5$ to charities a month, that would be a great.If you can't help by working to help the poor people, then give small amount of money.I think that God would appreciate that.