Friday, August 7, 2009


So what do you think about Destiny?  There has been many writings over the years about Destiny.  They range from the belief that everything in our life is predetermined to the belief that everything in our life is self determined.  Where on the scale do you stand?  Have you even given the subject much thought? Throughout my life I've thought a lot about this subject & although this subject isn't directly related to living a more joyful/positive life for me it's all interconnected.

I believe we at our source are energy & as we've discussed before that energy is interconnected with everything in the universe.  We can & do have an affect on everything in the universe because we are all energy & that energy is sent out from us by our thoughts & actions. So is everything in life predetermined?  I don't believe in absolute predetermination. I believe instead that the intelligence of God/Universe gives us a path that we suppose to follow but God/Universe also gives us choices along that path.

The God/Universe will try to bring us back onto our path predetermined path in life by self correcting the path we have chosen but if we are not open & accepting we will continue to choose the wrong path.  Many times, as we've discussed, these wrong choices are driven by our EGO.  We decide that we want more money, more possessions or more fame and ignore our true path in life. 

From the time we are born, into this human form, our soul is searching to return to our Source.  Our Source is the divine attachment we have to God/Universe.  It's the small voice that hear we when we actually listen deep inside us.  This Source only knows positive energy & the fulfillment of what we ask for.  When we can connect to this Source while we are alive we are truly fulfilled & everything works the way it should in our life.  Our journey in life is to be reconnected with our Source.  We don't have to wait until we die to reconnect, if we live a more joyful life & listen to our soul we can reconnect in our lifetime.  

Whatever your thoughts on Destiny/Fate the more you open up to the God/Universe the more joyful life you will lead.

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Quote of the day: "Our destiny is a choice we make everyday.  Choose to be open & accepting & joy will fill your life."

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