Monday, August 3, 2009


I was reminded this weekend about a couple of guys from Purdue University that spend every Wednesday giving out compliments.  (I'll attach a Youtube video at the end).  The idea behind this started very simply.  They wanted to do something to brighten people's day.  So what they decided to do is to go the a heavy traffic place at Purdue every Wednesday & give out free compliments.  Now they have been recognized throughout the country for this very simple idea.

So why I am I writing about these guys here?  I see it as two fold: 1st) It shows how each one of us can have a large impact on everyone that enters our live by doing a small thing. 2nd) I think it's a great idea.  I think people have forgotten to compliment people in their lives anymore.  We get so caught up in our own lives & so caught up with our expectations of others that compliments aren't something that easily comes to our minds. 

For these guys it doesn't matter who you are when you walk by they find something to give you a compliment on.  The impact they've had on the campus of Purdue can't be measured.  But from the responses they've received the impact has been unbelievable.  People who were having a bad day had their day improve just by this simple act.

So, today let's all remember to pay the people in our lives a compliment.  Let's start a small change in the world that can make a big difference!

I appreciate everyone who reads this blog.  You have chosen to try & take simple steps to help change your life.  Spread the joy of compliments to everyone in your life today!

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PS I love to hear from all of you either here or on twitter.  If there's a subject that's important to you feel free to let me know & I'll try & write about.  If you have specific questions I'll also try & address them.

Quote of the Day: "A compliment can change a persons day.  Give everyone in your life the joy of a compliment today!  Change the world!"

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