Friday, July 31, 2009


A few weeks ago we talked about Synchronicity and being in the flow of the universe/God so that things flow naturally the way they should.  Another side of becoming aware & open to the universal flow is to try & understand energy.  There have been many scientific studies over the years that show that everything has energy.  If you're able to wrap your mind around this idea it's the first step to understanding energy.  These studies have shown that not only living things but everything has some energy & on a very basic level we are all  made up of many of the same molecules, just arraigned differently.

The next step after the realization that everything has energy is to understand that we can feel & affect this energy throughout the universe.  The easiest way to illustrate this, for me, is to talk about people in your life.  Do you know a person in your life who is very negative.  They're always talking about obstacles in their life or they are just always in bad mood.  When you begin to talk to these people you will feel like you're losing your energy & your joyfulness/positivity. In actuality you are, I call these people energy vampires.  They just drain all the good energy out of you because they are so negative that they need more & more energy just to get through the day.

On the other side of the coin we all know people that light up the room just by walking in.  You feel better just have them around.  Their positive energy just flows out of them & changes the mood in the room.  This is the person that we should all strive to become.   You don't have to be a great social person to become this person.  It's not about being loud or overly friendly. These people sometimes don't say anything you can just feel their energy.

So how do we become this positive energy for the universe?  For me it starts with the recognition that there is energy in everything.  The next step is to understand who the people or which things in your life drain you.  Then you need to try & limit the amount of time & energy you spend with these people.  The final step is to live in the moment & be joyful about everything that comes into your life.  To always look to lift yourself & others up.  This sounds like a tall order & sometimes it can be.  We all have bad days or circumstances happen that we have no control over, but for me the truth is that you can continue to work on all the things we've talked about so far to bring more joy into your life. It all starts when you are continually in a state of gratitude.  When you're in this state the positive energy will continue to grow in you automatically.  The hardest part is to limit these energy vampires in your life until you are able to feel their energy, understand their energy & let it go of their energy so it will never affect you again.

Discover the different energies that enter your life & become a positive force of energy.  Affect a positive change in the universe.

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Quote of the day "Feel the flow of energy throughout the universe & influence it in a positive way everyday."

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