Monday, July 13, 2009

Internal Dialogue

The next step to a more joyful/positive life is to examine your internal dialogue.  What is your internal dialogue?  To me the internal dialogue is your automatic response to some event which normally isn't expressed except in your head.  An example of this might be when someone cuts in front of you in a line; In your head you may be saying....what the hell does he think he's doing?  But you may just smile and let it go.  I'm sure if we all think about it we can come up with several more examples of what internal dialogue is.

What does internal dialogue have to do with being more Joyful/poisitve?  Well, if you've been working on your morning gratefuls & spending time with your vision board and trying hard to do all the steps we've discussed then the internal dialogue is what we need to change.

All the work you've done is starting to change you from the inside out but that first thought or the unspoken word is really your EGO speaking to you. (I think I'll deal with EGO sometime this week) We need to let go of that dialogue.  Realize that the internal voice is the EGO & that it is trying to hang onto the person you use to be or it's trying to get your attention.

How do we change the voice?  This is not an easy thing to do.  The way to start the change is first to understand that it's not truly you that is thinking this dialogue.  Then acknowledge the thought & let it go.  Then after letting the thought go replace it with how you'd like to react or what you'd like to say.  Going back to the example above with the person in line maybe you would replace it with "I'm not in a hurry now & maybe he has someplace that he needs to get to.".  Feel the difference between the immediate reaction (internal dialogue) & the replacement thought.  feel how the positive replacement makes you feel better. 

Over time the internal dialogue will switch from the EGO to your soul/heart and you will begin to feel much more energized & positive.

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Quote of the day "Move out of your head into your heart & you'll lead a more positive life"

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