Monday, July 27, 2009


I've always been a person who believes that God/universe has a sense of humor.  The reason I bring this up now is that to me one of the most interesting/funny things that happens in life is the reflection of things you need to learn back at you.  Some people become very annoyed by this process but I've always tried to find some humor in it because God/universe will continue to bring this lesson up to you until you learn it & move past it.

There several parts to the idea of reflection, I will try & give an example of each one.  The first example, to me, is the people you meet.  Have you ever wondered why a person in the office or neighborhood or church drives you crazy?  They may have never even done anything to get you upset but there's something about them that you just don't like & you don't know why.  Most of the time this is because of reflection.  This person exhibits a quality of yourself that you don't like very much or are trying to work on,  for example you tend to be a quiet person who wants to be more social & the person in the office that annoys you is loud & very social.  This isn't an easy lesson & it took me a long time to try & look deeper into why I didn't like a certain person.  But for me, I always try to come from the point of "what can I learn from this relationship" everyone we meet in our life is there for a reason & sometimes it's because of the idea of "reflection".  To learn the things about ourselves that we have to forgive, work on or move through.

The second way this works is a little more direct.  You have a problem with anger & you know you do but you can't seem to get it under control.  Well, God/universe will throw situations at you in your life that will cause you to get angry.  This may upset you, understandably, but instead you should be again looking at "what I can learn from this" .  That's why I believe that God/universe has a sense of humor....not always a good one but all He knows is to help you to be a better person!  If the same type of situation keeps reoccurring in your life look at what you need to learn, change or grow through to lead a more joyful/positive life.

Finally, although this isn't truly "reflection" it's worthy of mentioning here.  God/universe doesn't understand "no" all the universe knows is to provide what we need.  So if you keep repeating that I "don't have enough money" God/universe will give you more of not having enough money because that's what you asked for.  This is a very complex final point & it takes a while to wrap your head around it but to use the example above you should say "I have all the money I need" & God/universe will continue to provide you "all the money you need".  This is especially true with your gratefuls & visions board, don't think about lack, think instead about having everything you need.

Thoughts can change the world, watch what you think & try & learn from everyone that comes into your life especially if it's someone that annoys you.  Look deep inside & see what's being reflected back.

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Quote of the day "Love the person you see in the mirror & learn from every person that enters your life. Love life & love yourself"

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