Thursday, July 9, 2009


One of the best ways to move forward to a more joyful/positive life is through forgiveness.  Forgiveness can be difficult for all of us but I am remind of the old saying "To error is human to forgive is divine."  This truly is the case, when we forgive we move closer to God/universe. 

So what is the stumbling block to forgiveness, most of the time it's our EGO which feels injured in some way by what the other person has done or what we perceive was done to us. Our perception of what someone has done to us is a difficult stumbling block in our lives.  We all, no matter how objective we are, filter things through our own life experiences & perceptions.  When we've been injured deeply, to the point that we have created fear and/or anger we have problems moving to forgiveness because the original issue is brought to the surface.  The person who did or said whatever it was that brought us back to fear and/or anger may not even know that they did something wrong.  Yet, we won't forgive them because it hurt.

The answer to this paradox is to act from forgiveness first.  To always forgive & let the incident go.  This is not an easy process & for me it takes me a few minutes to move past the situation before I can forgive, but forgive I do.  The reason I'm able to do this is because once anything happens in our lives it can't be taken back.  We talked a lot about the letting go of the past & for most of you that probably meant the distant past.  But, in actuality the past is anything that's happened....once it's done it's done and as I just mentioned nothing in this world can change it once it's in the past.  So act to forgive and move to a more peaceful & joyful place.

The final piece of this puzzle is the biggest & that is to forgive yourself.  As with the other person above, no matter what you've done or perceived that you did in the's in the past.  Forgive yourself for your behavior & move on.  Understand that the longer you hold on to regret the harder it is to be in the present & move to a more joyful/positive life.

I realize that this is easier said then done but understand that no matter what happened in your past, what you said to someone or what you did to someone or even what you did to yourself.  You can't change what happened, it's already for you to grow as a person & become more connected with God/universe the only path is forgiveness of yourself.  You are a divine being created by a divine being.......our path in life is to love & return to as close as we can to our origin of divinity.

Forgiveness is the path.

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Quote of the day "Forgive one another but especially forgive yourself, through this forgiveness you will find joy."

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