Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've always embraced change, in fact I've been called a "change agent" at a couple of jobs that I've had because I'm always looking for a new way to do things.  To me change keeps things fresh & alive.  Most people though are afraid of change & in fact will fight it to stay in their comfort zone.  Are you afraid of change?

Since I started this blog with the intention of helping people to have a more joyful/positive life, I thought it was time to talk about change.  Most people prefer to keep their life in a comfortable routine.  They do the same thing day in and day out & rarely embrace change of any kind.  Change will happen in you life with or without you so why not embrace the change.

The bottom line is that to enjoy a more joyful/positive life you need to make the decision that things will be different in your life.  You need to let go of all the old ways of doing things.  Step outside of your comfort zone and accept a new way of living your life.  Changing your way of thinking is up to you.  As with the "Internal Dialogue" we discussed yesterday, look at the way you think about everything.

Let go of the old arguments, stop making excuses, the only one who can change your life is you!  Be a change agent in your own life and enjoy the benefits.  The universe/God will respond to you if you take the first step.  I welcome you on this path of change.

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Quote of the day "With a single change in thought, your life can be more joyful.  Embrace change, today!"

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