Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Living for Today

I know it's a bit cliche, people use it all the time but what does it really mean?  I think it means different things to different people & there are many more cliche's like "stop & smell the roses".  For me it goes hand in hand with the letting go message we talked about yesterday.  Why? Because in order to live in the present moment you need to detach yourself from the results that you envision.

I'll go much further & say that you have to stop living your life for tomorrow.  The easiest way for me to explain this is an example like this:  You have a vacation planned in a month, it's something you need because you've been working very hard & it's a place that you love to go to.  So for the next month everyday all you can think about is getting to that vacation thus you aren't really present in the whole month between making the vacation plans & when you getaway.  So you lose a month out of your life....we'll who knows what joy you could have found in that month if you had lived each day between the planning & the actual vacation.  Life is about those moments because you never know who you'll met or what experiences you can enjoy in any particular moment.

Another great example of not living in the moment is always saying that my life will be better when.....  When we move, When I get that promotion or When I get married.  It's so easy to always think that the next big thing is what's going to get us where we want to go.

I propose, instead that if you open up & let go of your attachment to the outcome of things in your life that each day will become a new adventure.  Each moment will be something you treasure and in response to your opening up & living each moment the universe/God will respond by bringing you more & more wonderful things into your life.  You never know where life is going to lead you & the next person you meet may be the person you've needed to meet for a longtime...they could be your next boss or the best friend you've been looking for or so many other your heart and allow the joy of each moment into your day today.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the Day "The joy you discover in the unexpected is the most fulling joy you can imagine"

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