Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you have expectations?  Do you set expectations in everything you do?  It's very easy in life to expect a certain outcome & we all tend to do it in almost everything we do.  Expectations on their own are not necessarily bad, but in the universal sense they set as up for disappointment & by setting an outcome the universe works towards that expectation.

So, how do you feel when you've set an expectation & you have the outcome you expected?  For most of us it's nice but not truly joyful because we already decided what will we get out of a situation. For example, if you plan a vacation to place you've never gone to before & set your expectation that you'll have a good time, even if you have a good time is it truly as good as if you'd let go of the expectation & just enjoyed the trip?

My feeling is that expectations only lessen the joy you can feel & if you don't reach the expectation you've set you're truly disappointed.  So, why set them?  Why not instead just enjoy every moment & fully enjoy every experience that you have.  To me expectations are like are like a grade in school if expect an "A" & get a "B" you're disappointed and if you expect an "A" & get an "A" you're not really happy because you've reach what you already expected.

Take time to examine what you expect in your life from all situations you deal with & especially think about what you expect from the people in your life.  Live life in the now & enjoy every moment, celebrate the joy of discovery & let go of expectations.

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Quote of the day "Let go of expectations & live life in the moment!"

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