Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok, it's time to start to deal with the large white elephant in the room with us....LOL.  EGO is a tough subject  and that's one of the reasons I've waited to talk about it.  Everything we do as human beings is influenced by our EGO's.  It's one of the toughest things to realize & even harder to get past.  I know for me personally it's been a hard evolution.  As many of you may know, I spent nearly 10 years as a professional actor & much more time then that in the theatre, so EGO has always been apart of my life. 

Fortunately for me through the personal growth I've done over the past twelve years I've learned to recognize when it's my EGO that's talking.  I usually can get past the immediate need for gratification that the EGO needs to move onto a better place.

So what is EGO, we probably all think we know but one of the definitions I like the best is from Wayne Dyer, Edge Out God that's really what we're doing when EGO is involved.  We are all divine beings created by a divine being & as such we are all connected but as we grow as individuals we start to worry about what "I" want & we move away from our divine nature to satisfy this hunger that is our EGO.  The unfortunate thing is that no matter how hard we try we can never get enough or have enough to satisfy the EGO. 

The EGO has an insatiable desire, it wants more of everything...more recognition....more money....more things.....more friends.....ok I'll stop now you get the idea.  We can never satisfy the why try?  Why not instead move past the EGO!

This is not an easy task.  The first step is to realize that the EGO always talks first & the loudest.  It wants & needs your attention & it will continue to try & get your attention back.  So, for me, I try to acknowledge the EGO & let it know that I hear what it's saying...sometimes that will quiet the EGO enough to get past it.  The next thing I try to do is move onto how anything makes me feel, not in my head, but deep in my soul.  Usually, the feeling of the EGO is an empty feeling.  In your head it my sound good but in your heart & soul it will feel empty.  Feel that true feeling deep inside before you act.

Always try to connect with your true feelings, this one task that with practice will lead you to a more joyful/positive life.  The EGO will always lie to you, your true feelings will not.

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Quote of the Day "The EGO has an insatiable desire for everything.  Connect to your true feelings, let go of the EGO & be more joyful." 

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