Thursday, July 2, 2009


One of the other things that can truly hold you back from more joy in your life is Fear.  We all have fears, most of which are very irrational and have no true basis in our lives.  Dealing with fear is a very complex issue and I can't possible go into all the different types of fears we can have here or how to possibly deal with each & everyone. 

The important thing for bringing more joy into your life or being more positive is that we have to let go of our fears.  Most fears are formulated in our minds and although some have an emotional component to them, it's truly the mind that will lead us astray.  There is a constant battle going on with most of us between our mind/ego and our soul/heart.  As I have mentioned previously the Ego is a big challenge & I will write more about it as we progress in our path.  Let's continue to discuss fear, so the mind creates fear mostly because of the unknown.  We try to rationalize everything in our lives & when we can't do that or we don't know the answer, we tend to create fear.

The biggest fear in the journey to joy is the fear of the unknown.  Part of "letting go" & connecting with God/universe is to embrace the unknown, knowing that when we are connected we will be taken care of even if we don't know for sure where we are going.  To some extend this goes back to control, which we have talked about before.  People tend to try & over control their lives and this act alone will disconnect you from God/universe. 

We as humans believe we always know what's best for us.  The truth is our ego thinks we know what's best for us but in actuality we don't.  The battle that goes on between the head/ego & the heart/soul is complex.  The point for today is to understand that the fear of the unknown is holding you back from a more joyful life.  Fear is one of the strongest negative emotions we have, so to move past it we need to understand why the fear is there, accept it and move on.

Understand that by embracing the unknown and knowing that we will be taken care of.  We can move forward to a more joyful/positive life.  The universe/God only wants to bring us what we want by letting go of fear we clarify our path so the universe/God can bring us to joy.

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Quote of the day "Fear is our head getting in the way of our heart.  release fear and find the joy in your heart."

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