Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wisdom/Maturity & Growth

Although these words don't have exactly the same meaning, to me they're all interrelated.  I was having an interesting discussion with Heidi yesterday regarding this subject so I thought I would write a bit about it here.

My questions begin with Why?, Why does it take us so long to learn & grow.  Why are we so resistant to true wisdom & knowledge when we are young?  I think these are hard questions especially for anyone that has children.  I have 3 daughters who range in age from 29 to almost 16 but I don't think these questions are unique to my children.  I know when I was growing up I thought I knew it all, so I believe this is truly a universal question.  I also know that the growth I've gone through over the past 12 years has been amazing.   I've been able to learn & grow because of the things I've read, the people in my life & the amazing life coaching of Susie Wise-Peterson.  Through this time I've been able to learn some very difficult lessons.  Some of these lessons I've already shared with you, I'm hopeful that we can continue to share and grow together.

My question though is why it takes us so long to be open to growth/wisdom & maturity.  I believe a big part of the reason is our EGO.  I think it takes us years to try and tame the beast that is our EGO & so only after we do can we begin to open up to other possibilities.  I've always liked the stories about King Arthur & in fact I wrote a large term paper in college on Le Morte d'arthur the original story of King Arthur written by Sir Thomas Malory.  In this legend one of the things I've always found intriguing is the fact Merlin the wizard ages backwards.  What a wonderful thought that when we're in our prime we have all the knowledge we've learned throughout our life.

Many people live their life in the past because of this paradox, they fill themselves with what if?  what if I could go back in time & change things?  What if I knew then what I know now?  The real trap is getting yourself caught in this game.  The important thing to always remember is to live your life in the current moment & no matter how hard you try, you can't go back & change anything.  Accept the past for what it was & move forward to the next moment.

Unlocking the key to opening the mind at an earlier age would be an amazing thing.  I think the other part of the equation is experience.  I think it takes life expereince to open ourselves up & that's why we are resistant to wisdom, maturity & growth because we need to learn our own lessons in life.  If you know anything about the Tao it says that everything will come to you when it's the right time & the right situation.  I hope for all of you that the time is right to grow into the pure potential that each one of us has.

Finally, I have one other intersting note at least for me; many of the things I read & learned swam around in my head for years until they truly started to make sense & shift my way of life.  Hopefully reading this blog will at least open your mind to the knowledge that will help you to change.  The change is truly up to you & it will come when it's the right time & the right situation.

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Quote of the day: "Listen to the wisdom of the elders in your life, they know things you may need to know, to grow into a more joyful life."

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