Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Most of the topics we talked about over the past month have been very active ways at starting the change in your life to a more joyful/positive life.  I've always considered myself a person of action so that's the easiest way for me to start. But, there's another very important tool to remember & that is silence!  Just being quiet, clearing your mind & listening to your soul is a great way to center yourself & remove all the noise around you.

I never been into meditation, I know it works wonders for some people but I haven't found a practice that works for me.  I instead just be quiet, one of my favorite places to be quiet is in the Smokey's.  Heidi & I try to go down there as often as we can & I love to sit out on a trail or just on the deck where we're staying & just take in the beauty around me.  When I'm not there I envision being there when I take time for my quiet moments, because for me the beauty & quiet just fills me up.

The reason why silence is important is because it slows us down & helps us to refocus our energy.  Life is lived in the pauses, it's the pauses that give life more definition.  Like the the pauses between notes of music.  Without the pauses all we are is action & movement.  Life is made up of opposites without the bad we wouldn't know the good.  I feel this is especially true with silence.

We all live such busy lives & it's hard to take time for yourself but as with morning gratefuls & your vision board please take time to just be silent.  The peace you find in the quiet will lead forward to a more joyful/positive life.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day "Live in the moment because the pauses between breaths are what lead you to your next adventure.  Every moment has meaning."

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