Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The greatest love we can have for another is true Compassion.  In today's busy world we are desensitized by other people's stories.  There's so much bad news on the TV, Internet, phone & newspapers that we've grown into people that don't feel, period.  We're afraid to feel because we're afraid that once we give ourselves to another or to a situation we won't be able to manage our own feelings.

Dictionary.com's definition of compassion is as follows: "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.".  Compassion truly is the opening of your heart to another...putting their needs before yours which is as close to unconditional love that we may be able to reach.

Trust me I know it's hard to open your heart, I've been told all my life that I care to deeply about people & I feel their pain when they go through difficult things in their lives. Have I been hurt by people because of this?  Of course I have but I've never changed the way that I am.  I love people deeply & I always look for the positive in any person I comes into my life, if I can't find the positive I try to look at what I need to learn from this person.  I also try & remember that we are all divine beings trying to do our best.  People making mistakes is part of us being human, if we can try & understand where they're coming from, we will grow as a person & the world will be a better place because of our understanding & compassion.

Deepak Chopra wrote this about if compassion is superficial : "When your individual self identifies with the universal self, then it feels compassion for anyone or any living creature. It’s not superficial in the least, because whatever you are feeling compassion for, it is your self that you are feeling. Nothing could be more personal and direct than your own feelings. And it is profound because it is more than sentimentality or emotional involvement, your soul is engaging and recognizing itself in the soul essence of the other. You are seeing yourself and knowing yourself in the life of the being you are feeling that compassion for."

Open your heart to love & compassion, let go of the fear of feeling, instead accept your feelings & grow as a person.

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Quote of the day "Allow compassion to open heart & discover what true love is."

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