Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fear of the unknown

A few weeks ago we discussed fear & the need to move past the fear in our life to have a more joyful life.  In the past couple of weeks I've been confronted by people in my life with a very specific fear & in fact the fear that holds most people back, that's the fear of the unknown.

What is the fear of the unknown?  To me it's just a big lie.  It's our mind playing tricks on us.  Here's what happens; we have something that's going to happen in a few days that we're concerned about like a doctors appointment.  We've had some tests previously & something has shown up that requires more testing so we have to return to the doctor.  In our minds, inbetween the appointments we start to envision more & more bad things that could be wrong with us.  The fear within us regarding this appointment grows & grows even though we have no information that  supports what we're thinking.  

What happens is we get consumed by this fear, no matter what we do, every free thought we have creates a different or deeper problem that's going to occur.  This can happen with anything in our life that occurs "later" and that we have some concern about.  This "fear of the unknown" takes away from living in the current moment as we are instead obsessed with the future event.  Besides not living in the current moment we move our thoughts to a more & more negative place.  This fear for some people can be very crippling & the truth is the imagined fear rarely if ever happens.

So what do we do to get past this overwhelming fear?  What I've always done is first & foremost live in the current moment.  This alone will save us from most of the fear.  If we are only focused on the now & enjoying the current moment we don't have time to create a fear of something that's going in the future.

The second way I deal with this "fear" is to clear my mind when the thought comes into it & then replace the thought with a positive thought of something that's happening right now.  So it works something like this using the example above: The thought is I could be really sick otherwise the doctor wouldn't be running all these tests.  I clear my mind and concentrate on my breathing and let go of all thoughts including the "negative thought".  I then replace the thought with something in the current moment....."Look how beautiful my wife is looking in that outfit!"  If you're able to do this with any negative thought you will begin to move past these thoughts & live a more joyful life.

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The quote of the day: "The fear of the unknown is in fact an illusion, let go of the fear & live in the now!"

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