Friday, August 28, 2009

Outside Observer

One of the best ways to continue your growth to a more joyful life is to become an "Outside Observer" of your life.  What does being an "Outside Observer" mean?  To me it means learning to step away from each situation in your mind & look at it objectively.  We talked a lot about life being filtered through your own perceptions a few weeks ago.  To me, after realizing you are filtering everything, the next step is to learn to be objective in each situation.

This is not an easy step but with practice it can make a big difference.  You can describe this process however you'd like.  Some people may just call it being objective, Deepak Chopra calls it the "Silent Observer" for me "Outside Observer" works best because for me the process is exactly that, stepping away from yourself & looking at the situation in a different light.

So the first question you need to answer is can you be objective with your own thoughts & actions?  This is the hardest part of this idea because even when you think you may be objective you truly may be hung up on your own perceptions.  I don't have an easy answer as to how to become better at this, I can only share with you the process I go through with any conversation/situation I am involved in.

The first thing I do is try to understand why the other person is saying/acting the way they are.  Remember that each us reacts from our own experiences & more often then not we react to most situations by coming from a place of fear.  We're afraid of what we feel are weaknesses in our own life or we're reacting from fear because of a past event that mirrors the feeling of the situation that's happening in-front of us.  Once we understand this key piece we can begin to understand how to help move the situation away from fear into a positive environment.

The next thing I do is look at my reaction to the situation & try & understand what my motivation is.  I am reacting out of fear, am I annoyed because this person is "reflecting" a quality back to me that I don't like about myself?  For most people this may be the hardest part of the process, I know it is still hard for me.  The easiest way I've learned to be able to follow this process is to slow things down in my mind, take a breath & take the time to truly listen.

Once you're able to be the "Outside Observer" in your own life you'll begin to hear the messages that God/universe wants you to learn from each situation.  By beginning to learn the messages of everyone that enters your life you will begin to have more & more snychronistic occurrences in your life.  The more open & objective you can be in your life the easier it will be to find more joy!

Hope you all have a great weekend, Till Monday!


Quote of the day: "By being the "Outside Observer" in your own life you'll learn to become more open & accepting.  This openness will lead you to more joy!"

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