Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Chance encounter

A chance encounter that lead to love. Today is my 10th anniversary. If you've read this blog for a while you know I believe in miracles. I think amazing things can happen in your life everyday if you just look for them. How do I know this? Because miracles have happened to me & one of the greatest miracles was meeting Heidi.

Here's the story of our meeting: Heidi & I were both working at a professional theatre in Kentucky in 1996. Heidi was a stage manager & I was an actor. The theatre had community mailboxes for everyone in the company to pick up their mail. I had been working at the theatre for nearly month & went to pick-up my mail & Heidi was there. I said: "Hi, what are you doing this season?" she answered: "I'm stage managing" I replied "Oh, I don't like manager's". That's how a chance encounter changed my life.

Heidi didn't stage manage any of my shows that summer but we became friends & stayed friends. We would explore the area on our off day "Monday" & just have a lot of fun together. Three years later on the stage of the theatre we met in-front of 250 people & the former governor of Kentucky, I proposed to Heidi. She was stage managing the evening performance & I was doing the curtain speech. The "ring" was actually given to her by the light operator (a woman), as she was up in the booth getting ready for the show. We were married on this day in 2000 at Disneyworld, yes Disneyworld. We were married behind the Polynesian resort at a place called Sunset Pointe. The picture that is my profile picture is from that special day.

So why I am I writing about this here? Because we never know who we're going to meet in our life. The challenge in everyday is to be open to the people who come into your life. You never know who's going to walk into your life & make a difference. I would have never thought that this chance encounter would change my life but by being open to anyone who enters my life, I was able to change my life forever.

Let go of the judgment of others in your life. Open your heart & listen to everyone. We can all learn from the people who enter your life & the message they bring may change your life forever. Miracles happen, I've seen them happen in my life. Today the miracle could be yours.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "A chance encounter can change your life. Open your heart to everyone who enters your life & amazing things can happen."

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Tony Anders said...

Happy Anniversary! We just had ours on the 13th. (15 years - 20 together total) It is often the happy accidents that provide the most enduring joy! Enjoy your day as well as your beautiful bride!

Duane Scott said...

Happy Anniversary!

I like the idea of a chance encounter. I have a similar story to tell, but not quite yet. I'll wait till I'm engaged. :)

IsabellesTravel said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife! Lovely story about how miracles do happen.

Karen said...

Miracles can happen. Happy anniversary to you both lovely people


Ana said...

Happy Anniversary! That is indeed true about being open to all of life, and in that one gets blessed with so many new encounters with beings of a kind in their life. That is indeed the joy to life. :)