Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Giving & Receiving

The act of giving to others is wonderful step to opening ourselves up to receiving gifts from the universe. For everything that we give out into the universe will return. This is the way the universe works. I've written before about the act of giving & the power it has to change your life but today I want to discuss the other side "receiving". How are you at receiving gifts from others?

One of the reasons giving is so satisfying is that it does actually fill the EGO. We've talked many times about how difficult it is to satisfy the EGO & giving doesn't satisfy it for long but it is one of the few acts that will satisfy it temporarily. So giving makes us feel good on several levels but receiving actually is against the EGO because we have to acquiesce to receive something.

I found in my own life that receiving any gift is difficult for me. I wrote early on that it took me many years to feel I was "good enough" for anything in my life because of the issues I had with my Dad. It is this deep seated fear of not being good enough that keeps us from being able to accept gifts graciously & this fear is connected to the EGO. The EGO is not happy when it's not in control & by accepting a gift it is no longer in control of the situation. This makes the EGO very uncomfortable & thus we feel uncomfortable.

So how do we move beyond this uncomfortable feeling of receiving? The answer is love!! In accepting a gift from another person we are actually accepting their love for us. If we are able to move from the uneasiness of the EGO into a place of love, the act of receiving becomes much easier. Realize that whatever has been given isn't the important thing. It's only the EGO that wants to judge & label things. The important thing is feeling the love of the person giving. Let that love fill you up, then you can continue to show love to the rest of the world.

Love is the strongest emotion we all share. It always needs to begin from within us & flow outward to the world. But, we also need to feel the love around us & the act of receiving gifts is one of the best ways. Open your heart to love & accept the gifts you are given with the love they are intended.

Giving & receiving are two very separate acts both can continue the flow of love in the world. Open your heart & be willing to accept gifts with the same love that you give gifts.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"Receive all the gifts you are given from a place of love & elevate your life to a more joyful place."

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Awais said...

preety GOod thoughts

Sureindran said...

You made me feel like wrapping gifts now and run to the loved ones. And I totally agree with you that every give away has its return, and it's always a joy.

Ana Goncalves said...

Dear Timberwolf123,

That is indeed the true way of accepting a gift, through love and a way to truly acknowledge that person as well. Accepting anything is a selfless act, because it comes from within and the light that we are all connected with. The source of unconditional love in which we are binded by. Appreciation therefore comes naturally.

The joy of giving is definetly love in the making, and that emotion crosses all boundaries and ignites something in us, the joy and power to truly cherish what we are together.

Beautiful article once again and have a wonderful day.

May peace reside in you.

Anonymous said...

Receiving is also a gift from the recipient to the giver. What better gift to give than the opportunity for another to feel the power of giving.

Darren Sproat said...

I think it's important to gain a level of self-love and belief in yourself before you can truly feel love from others. I think you said it in your post, "deep seated fear of not being good enough that keeps us from being able to accept gifts graciously & this fear is connected to the EGO"... if you are able to release that fear and truly love yourself it becomes easier to unseat the EGO and accept love from others.
Well said, great post,

Chavah said...

I couldn't agree more Bill! I can definitely relate to not feeling good enough because of the way my parents treated me growing up. I have been blessed with some wonderful people in my life since then and they have helped me to become a gracious accepter. I still love to give though, my philosophy on it is the same as yours.