Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When I'm feeling blue

No, I'm not going to break into song. I thought it was important to discuss what I do when I feel blue. I've always been a very positive person & feeling blue or depressed doesn't happen often to me. It's not that I deny the feelings, in fact just the opposite is true. When I feel blue the first thing I do is acknowledge the feeling. We all have bad days & there's a lot to learn when we're feeling down or out of sorts. Sometimes we need the change in feelings to understand what's going on with us or what's going on around us.

Since I've always had a strong connection to nature many times when I feel blue it's because it's not the greatest day outside. It could be raining or snowing or just dark & cloudy. I'm not sure why many of us feel blue on days like these, I just know that many times these days can be the most difficult.

After I acknowledge that I'm feeling blue I take time to try & understand why I feel the way I do. Lately for me it's tied up with my search for work. There are times that I feel overwhelmed because as much as I've been trying to find work there's been nothing happening in my job search. Once I understand why I'm feeling the way I do, I look at what I can do to help the situation. In my job search there's little that I truly have control over and that is what I acknowledge. I give myself credit for continuing to move forward with my life regardless of the fact that I have been unemployed longer then I ever have in my life (11 months now) & I acknowledge that I can only do what I've done.

No matter the reasons behind your blue feeling the way to move beyond is to understand what is causing the feeling & what if anything you can do to help. I've written before that the truth about our life is that we have very little control over anything in our life. Understanding this fact & accepting that most things are beyond our control is a great first step to move forward.

We all put way to much pressure on ourselves to solve every problem that we encounter in our life. The truth is that this "created" pressure can be the cause of feeling overwhelmed. We start a chain reaction of events that are going to happen because of "x". This chain reaction hasn't happened. It's all conceived in our head & because of our past experiences we are sure we know what will happen next. Let go of that feeling!! Understand that all we have is the present moment & we can't know what will happen next in our life. This will free you from being overwhelmed, simply understanding that we create all this pressure on ourselves because of what we believe will happen.

The final step for me to move beyond the blue feeling is to release the feeling. I just let it go & remember all the good things I have in my life. I acknowledge that I am blessed & that I have always landed on my feet. Sometimes the feeling will stay around for a while but it never stays around for long. Learn to acknowledge all your feelings, understand why you feel the way you do then release them and move back into a place of joy.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day:"When I'm feeling blue, I acknowledge the feeling, understand what I can do to help the feeling & then release the feeling & remember all the good I have in my life."

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Terri Brooks said...

Great post Bill! I have found myself feeling blue more than I want to because of family situations. Sometimes it's really hard to get past these very personal situations.

But I wish you much luck in your job search and thanks again for sharing how you get out of your blueness.


No Wussies said...

And don't forget that you are not alone in any of it. There are so many people in just your situation. And you are right. You can only control a small portion of it. Do what you can and let the rest go. Excellent post!

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Terri, I'm glad you liked the blog. It can be hard to move through things sometimes. I've always been lucky because I start everyday anew (did a blog on that a while back) so usually the blueness doesn't hang around too long. I wish you well.




Thanks I do realize I'm not alone but when you've been working at various jobs all you life & now you can't find anything....it's very odd. I choose to be happy & go on but I know for others that's a tougher choice. I also try to volunteer & help people as much as I can...that fills in some of the loss. Appreciate your thoughts.



Darren Sproat said...

I am so glad you indicate that you acknowledge the feelings. So many 'tips' articles almost seem to promote denying the feelings when, really, the best way to get out of feeling blue is to acknowledge and identify the feelings. I have written many an article on this very subject as it seems us positive types know very well how to get out of that blue area.
Great read, Bill, thank you.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Darren, I find that interesting. I always tell people that they have to acknowledge whatever feeling they are having. There's a reason to feel the way you are & many times it a true clue to what you need in your life. I think once you acknowledge the feeling & work on discovering where it's coming from it's much easier to release it & move beyond.

Thanks for coming by again...hugs,


Anonymous said...

Surrender is a beautiful thing.

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Bill

SO true! Each word of your this post is so true and so well explored!
"acknowledge whatever feeling they are having..."Indeed, we all must acknowledge and respect the time...say a bad one or good one..it moves on latter stage.

Even I have sometines gone through such feelin blue aspect, perhaps, as you said in your post, I also took time to understand and recollect my ideas and thoughts!

This helped me alot in being stronger and confident as for I understood thyself:)

Perhaps, simply loved reading this post:)

~Keep the Spark ALive..

E8 Album, HQR Initiative said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks for an excellent article.

I would like you to think about this:

What is work and what is a job?

As a mother and housewife we women were always told that that was not work or a job. But in the meantime we have practiced almost all the jobs there are in the world :)
Without getting paid for it!

You are doing a good JOB here.

I would very much like it if you could write an article about what a Job really is and please also publish it on the ITV site.

Love and hugs from Mieke

E8 Album, HQR Initiative said...

Dear Bill,

It seems the E8 album is a dead link.

Hereunder the link to a photo impression I did for DK Matai while being a member of Holistic Quantum Relativity Group from which I have learnt so much.


The E8 picture from science represents the known Universe up till now and can be compared to the Sashara Lotus Mandala, which in turn can be compared to a labyrinth :)

Love from Mieke