Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sound of Thunder

Yes, the sound of thunder. To me I've always been connected with lightning & thunder but for this blog I'm talking about what others may call AHA moments. To me true AHA moments don't happen often in our life. I'm talking about the big moments that can be life changing. The moments that as soon as they occur you know they're big. The moments that we can't escape. If we're lucky, I believe we may have a few of these big moments in our life & I believe we need to embrace them for what they are. They certainly can be scary but I believe they always happen for a reason.

I've talked before about how so many of us walk through life in a malaise. Not really paying attention to our life & just coasting through. We think that as long as nothing happens that's too bad or that takes us out of our comfort zone, life is good. I believe these AHA moments happen to take us out of this malaise & to bring us to a better life.

I've had three of these moments in my life. The first was when I was 15 years old & I was struck by lightning...yes actually struck. I was on a golf course with my bother-in-law (my oldest sisters husband). There was a pop up shower & my bother-in-law said let's just wait it out under this tree. The next thing I remember was falling in slow motion. I then woke up with a crowd of people around me saying "He's dead, he's dead!". Luckily, I wasn't but the doctor who treated me told me that the amount of electricity that went through my body would have killed at least 90% of the people that were hit by it. That statement & surviving this accident changed my life.

Off topic for a minute because everyone asks how it felt & the best I can do to describe it is being hit by a sledgehammer in every muscle in your body at exactly the same time. I was thrown 6-8 feet in the air & about 25-30feet across. I had a burn mark on my left shoulder where it entered & a burn mark with singed hair on my right leg where it left.

The next AHA moment I had in my life was the death of my father. His death had a profound impact on my life. I was surprised & taken back by this because he & I didn't see eye to eye much in my life. His death was the next major step in my transition to a better life. I started my own journey to joy many years before his death but his death pushed me towards more change & the self reflection I need to move onward.

The final AHA moment in my life was being laid-off last June. This moment was filled with the fear of what would happen. The true fear of the unknown. But, instead of allowing the fear to take me over I discovered the joy of writing. I began this blog only a few weeks after being laid-off & I've discovered that the process of writing has given me the definition I've needed to codify my belief's & to help others.

These true defining moments don't happen often but they do happen for a reason. Sometimes they can be painful because we need to change the way we live our lives & sometimes they can just be enlightening. Let go of the fear associated with these moments & know that they're here to help you grow & learn. Enjoy every moment even these AHA moments!!!

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Quote of the day: "When a defining moment happens in your life, embrace the shift that it brings & know that through this moment you will grow into a better person."

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