Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Start..........

The start of everything begins from nothing. Sometimes that's an important thing to remember. To me the idea behind this line is that we never know what we are going to create. The important thing is to begin!! What you begin isn't as important as beginning something. God/universe is amazing in the way it guides us through our lives. The difference between people who live in joy & those who don't is often just paying attention to the signs that come into our lives.

I've written in the past about "The beauty of each day" & how I start each day anew. This practice has allowed me to stay in a state of joy because regardless of what happened yesterday, I realize that yesterday is the past and can't be changed. The only way to stay in the present moment is to release the past & move onto a new day. The start of your day can be the most important part of it. How you begin can set the tone for the rest of the day.

To continue to grow in joy we need to learn to slow the world down. We all get caught up in the busyness of each day & because of this often we don't pay attention to the signs we are receiving from God/universe. What are these signs? The can be very diverse & often very simple. In James Redfield's book "The Celestine Prophecy" he says that the signs that are important in our life will "glow". In my life the signs that appear on daily basis that I need to pay attention to make them self's visible. What do I mean by this? I find that my attention is drawn to these signs, here's an example: I'm driving down the road listening to the radio. My attention is drawn to the side of the road. There I notice a sign that tells me something I needed to know. It doesn't have to be a sign it can be anything that your attention is drawn to. Often for me this "sign" is repeated in different ways throughout the day. The important thing is to pay attention.

We don't always know the destination of our daily journey. We only know that we are on a path. The path you take is truly up to you. Remember that the start of everything comes from nothing, so we don't have to know the destination to start the journey we only need to begin. By paying attention to the signs that God/universe sends us & starting each day anew we will find more joy in our life. Let go of yesterday & start the journey to your new life today!!

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "The start of each day is a great opportunity to begin anew. Letting go of the past & moving into a life filled with joy."

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Mattias Kroon said...

Great insight again Bill! The courage to begin something is the most important.

Jannette Stevens said...

Very enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing.

Dave said...

Beginnings are always the problem, so this post is very valuable encouragement.

More people should take it to heart.

Angela Schaefers said...

very inspiring and well written.. Thank you!