Monday, January 18, 2010


Yes I get frustrated just like you do. Thankfully because of the work I've done to lead a more positive/joyful life the frustration doesn't usually last as long as it use to or as long as it does for many other people.

I have found that the best place to be when your frustrated is patient. It is in patience that the answers to your frustration will be revealed. Sometimes it's hard to be patient & for me right now it's becoming more difficult. For those you who don't know; I've been laid-off since June 5th 2009. The past 11 years I have done taxes & worked for one of the Big 4 accounting firms for 9 of those 11 years. I left 2 years ago, from the Big 4, for an opportunity that I believed was going to be a great situation & it didn't work out that way. Besides taxes/accounting I have 8 years of experience in Banking including running an $80 million loan department. In-between these to different careers I was a professional actor. I ran a theatre & was a box office manager at a theatre. So I have a good background in non-profits as well.

Ok that's enough about me. The fact is because I have worked hard to change my life & truly live the things I write about, I rarely get frustrated for long. The key I have found when dealing with negative feelings is that you need to shift your way of thinking. If you allow these emotions to take hold of you, you will spiral into a very bad place quickly. You need to acknowledge how you're feeling but then you need to change the way you look at the situation. It is in this shift of focus that you will discover the answers to the situation you're frustrated about. As I mentioned earlier, patient is also very important. God/universe can do & will do amazing things to help us through whatever we have to deal in our life, if we truly believe it's possible. But sometimes God/universe needs time to create the perfect solution to our situation. We can push to make things happen & sometimes this will work but usually this is a short term gain because it's our EGO that wants the quick solution & so the gain becomes hollow & not what we truly want in the long run.

Believe in miracles & find the patience to wait for them. This along with a shift in focus will lead you through any situation that causes you frustration.

Till tomorrow,


Quote of the day: "When frustration takes hold, change your focus be patient & miracles can happen"


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Anonymous said...

Great suggestions for dealing with anger. I'm sure work will turn up for you shortly. You're a very dedicated man.

One question, and please don't take this the wrong way. Why do you choose to address a higher power with "God/universe"? Is this for your readers? Or do you place your trust in both? Or, to you, are they the same?

You can delete this comment if you want, you can send me a private message if you feel. I don't care. I'm just a tad curious ;)

Timberwolf123 said...

Morning Marty, first off I never delete or block any comment unless it's spam or crude. Secondly your question is very fair & been asked before.

I am a very inclusive person, I write this blog to include everyone from anywhere in the world. I've written before that I've taken comparative religions in both High School & College so I understand the small differences that have created big issues with the world religions & I chose not to be dismissive of any of them. I also believe that what i believe isn't important to the blog....but if it helps you I was born Catholic & went to Catholic schools until I was in College.

Hope this helps,


Sally Lee™ said...

I can attest to how this works...and it does work. It is amazing how changing your thinking mid-stream can literally change the negative feelings of frustration you may be experiencing. As you know, patience isn't my strong suite but with pratice it is being easy each day.

Have a wonderful day, Bill!


Anonymous said...

Bill, that makes sense. My blog, on the other hand, is focused primarily for Christians so I do not feel the need to put both.

I see your point tho, so thanks for explaining! :) You are writing to help everyone out there, regardless of religion, and I can appreciate that.

Healing Morning said...

I'm catching up on my favorite peeps' blog content today - giving myself a treat! So...patience. I think we all view it as a necessary evil, and some see it as a downright nasty word at times. With age does come the wisdom to recognize that the old adage of, "Not in YOUR time, in GOD's time!" is a true one.

We've been surrounded by technology to the degree that we are now, sadly, a "push button society" and we expect things NOW, or yesterday, if possible.

I tend to be pretty good with patience in most areas of my life. If, however, you're nearby and you're cracking bubbles in bubblewrap, all agreements are cast to the wind and I will hunt you down! (just sayin' - we all have our limits!)

Thanks, as always, Bill, for another thoughtful, well written post. I nodded almost constantly in agreement and accord throughout the whole post.

~ Dawn
p.s., I am an all encompassing person as well, in regard to God/Universe/Higher Power...they all denote the same Divine energy for me. When are you coming to Gatlinburg next?! We must meet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Shifting your thinking is definitely the key here. I have allowed myself to spiral down countless times due to frustrations. I'm learning to think more positively & to not allow those emotions to take a hold of me. Great post!

Jenn said...

I love the picture you chose for this post! It made me giggle a little inside. I know that the job market sucks right now (I haven't had any success at finding a job either), but attaching even a little bit of humor to the situation makes it that much easier to bear.

asherwrites said...

I hate frustrations. It is something I have to deal with everyday. I guess patience really helps (though I suck at patience too)

Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

In a world chasing instant solutions it often too easy to forget to be patient. Good reminder that the universe will seek some equilibrium and we just need to be patient for it.