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Growing up I was always very involved in sports. In fact I've played most major sports in some form or another throughout my life. As I've gotten older I haven't played sports as frequently as I use to but I do still occasionally play. With the AFC/NFC Championships this past weekend I thought a lot about this topic. So I thought we should discuss it today.

Most of the things I've written about in this blog have been ways to improve yourself to live a more joyful life. To me teamwork is also very important. Most of us have to deal with others daily in our jobs & many times we have to work with these people in a team setting. I have been in a management position in nearly every job I've had since I was 16 so working with people & motivating people to work as team is something that I'm very familiar with. So how do you motivate people? How do you work together as a team?

In my experience the best way to begin is to listen. I usually will start a group project by explaining the objective & then listening to input from the team. Through this listening often there are great ideas that can be incorporated into an action plan for the group. Even when there aren't good ideas coming from the group by starting with listening the other members of the group feel included. After listening & discussing what the team has been talking about I formulate an action plan. Once this plan is created & assignments give out to the different team members the work usually begins.

The next step for me is to circle back with each of the team members & discuss their assignments. It's important to remember that every person involved in the team has their own issues & personality so I like to give each person some personal attention to understand their resistance to anything going on with the project. By understanding the issues that each of the members of the team have, I believe the team becomes stronger.

Understanding that each person in the team is individual & listening with an open heart will lift each member of the team up to be more successful, not only in this project but in their career going forward.

There's is a joy in working together as a great team that can not be discounted. This feeling of being apart of a group that's supportive & successful can change the atmosphere of any work place. By believing in yourself & your team members you can accomplish anything.

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Quote of the day: "Through teamwork anything is possible. Create a team today & change the world tomorrow."

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Anonymous said...

I agree, it's definitely important to see everyone on the team as an individual. Understand the different personalities of the people on your team can also be helpful.

Quiet Waters Rise said...

Great post! I too have been in a managerial position for most of my career - present time included, and it amazes me the difference that teamwork and leadership can make. Over the years, I have had to work hard at my listening skills, and even now, must make a conscious effort - especially when flooded with circumstances.

An important point as a leader, I think, is that it makes all the difference in the world if your team sees you not just as the leader, but also as a member right beside you.

A lot of time, teamwork can mean the difference between success and failure. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts

asherwrites said...

I really find it hard to be in a team. I think it's because I've been used to being a solo player. I haven't really had a bad experience with teams but I find myself more comfortable with a solo force. I really have to learn how to deal with teams though, I know going solo isn't always cool.

Canyn said...

I would work for you any day!