Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quiet Mind

I've always had a problem since I was a very young boy with quieting my mind. This "over active" mind has been an amazing help at times but also a great hindrance. My mind has always been very open & largely creative. I think in associated patterns where one thought can lead to another to another, sometimes taking me in a whole new direction from where I've started. In a creative environment I tend to be even more creative because by listening to others ideas my mind can create new thoughts incorporating the ideas of others. As I've grown I've learned to quiet my mind some but I've never been completely effective in quieting it completely.

I have tired various forms of meditation but they've never truly worked for me. I have learned to slow my mind down & I've gotten very good at focusing on the things that appear in my life. In fact most mornings when I sit down to write this blog I am very quiet & just allow ideas into my mind. Thus far this "free association" has worked well & something normally just pops into my head. I then take time to think through the subject & then begin to write. So why am I writing about this today? I believe far to many people never take the time to slow down at all.

It is in the quiet that we become the greatest observer of our lives. Slow down quiet your mind & pay attention to the things around you. Pay special attention to the things that keep reappearing in your life. For me things can come from many sources. I can hear a song on the radio, then meet someone at a store that says one of the phrases. Then I'll pick up a newspaper & the same phrase will be a headline or something like that. When I'm truly connected to my soul/source things continue to pop up in my life. The only way I know to see the things that enter your life is to slow down & quiet your mind. The time you take to be quiet & narrow your focus will be well worth it.

The other benefit of slowing down your life & taking the time you need to reflect & open up your mind is the connection to your soul/source. The only way I know to remove the EGO from your decision making is to take the time to quiet your mind & move beyond the noise in your head. The deep connection that can be felt when you move from your head to your soul is an amazing process.

Take time to quiet your mind, reflect on the things around you & find the connection to your soul. By doing this you will lead a more joyful life.

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Quote of the day: "Take time to quiet your mind in this busy world. The time you take to slow down & reflect will bring you more joy in your daily life."

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Almanakut Brasil said...

Welcome to Journey to Almanakut!

Happy New Year!

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Almanakut. I hope you have a wonderful 2010.

Michael said...

Happy New Year. I must say that taking time to slow down your life is a good idea. It's funny because I have been thinking that a lot as I watch what schedules some of my family and friends have. It is important to not become lazy though. Take some time to get and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Michael & you are correct none of us should become lazy but in this day I think it's very hard for any of us to actually slow down at all & the only way to stay connected to our soul is to slow things down & reflect.



Tiffany Mullings said...

I love it, nice perspective. I agree that it is very inportant to sit still sometimes and reflect on where an individual is currently @, that point of there life. Taking the time to quiet your mind is very essential...well written! ***Tiffany

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Tiffany I appreciate your comments. I look forward to seeing more of you here.