Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love wolves. I think they are beautiful majestic animals. My screen name since we first started using them back in the 80's with bulletin board services has been "Timberwolf". Once the Timberwolves basketball team came around I had to add a few numbers to it to be able to keep it so now it's "Timberwolf123". The reason I bring this up is that wolves in general are very misunderstood animals. They have been labeled as evil & bad.

I don't like labels I wrote two blogs on labels back in October. The first dealt with labeling anything in your life & the second discussed labeling people, check them out if you'd like. The truth about wolves is that they are one of the more complex animals in the animal kingdom. They are very social, intelligent, great parents & only kill weak or sick animals. They were hunted to extinction in the western U.S. in a very awful way in the early 1900's. An amazing book about this was Nicholas Evans "The Loop". Then in the mid 90's the National Park Service began a reintroduction program in Yellowstone National Park. This reintroduction has been very successful & has restored the natural balance to the Park (before the introduction they had a problem with two many deer & Elk). The Park service still battles with cattlemen in the area who believe the wolves are a menace & cause them great losses to their cattle.

The facts are that although the wolves have killed some cattle (for the most part)they were the weak or sick & the cattlemen have been paid for each of their losses. The unfortunate thing is because of the culture of generations of killing these wolves most of these cattlemen still have a very bad attitude towards the wolves.

Labeling & teaching these labels to our children is a an awful tradition in this world today. Most of the hate that still exists in this world is because of generations of people labeling people for things that were done sometimes thousands of years ago. This labeling continues the cycle of hate & closes off the minds of those involved. Let go of the hate & racism that you were taught. Open your mind to this new world that is dawning right in front of us.

Why do I say this? I believe that their is a conscious shift happening in the world today. The use of the internet has brought people together closer then they ever have been & the differences that have been perpetuated for generations are beginning to dissolve. People are beginning to discover a better way. This better is to love! Love is the answer to everything this world needs, if we could all learn to love a little more this world would be an even more amazing place.

Let go of the labels in your life, learn to love more...starting with yourself. Each of you are a beautiful precious gift to the world & you have the ability to change the world. Believe in yourself & believe in love.

Till Monday....have a great weekend,


Quote of the day: "Wolves are a great example of how much labels can hurt the world. Let go of labels, open your mind & love more."

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JACQUI said...

Beautiful Bill! I agree with you 100%. We are all beautiful beings of love and labels and stereotypes need to be trashed and thrown in the bin. When you look through eyes of love at all of nature's creations it is all love. I applaud you. And from the words of a song I heard years ago: "racism sucks, it's time we all gave it up".

Sally Lee™ said...

I love your transition of the wolves into how we label people. Unfortunatley, labeling still exists in the world today, however I too believe that there is a shift going on. I'm still amazed by the hatred that some have in their hearts for those which may look different than themselves.

Thank you for sharing this post with the world - - it is people like you that will assist the world in letting go of hatred, labeling and fear.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Beautiful Post..just found your blog through Uplift Antidote. I agree there is a conscious shift happening right now. It's high time we let go of labels and start to embrace a new world full of love. Love you post! I'm following you here. Hope you will stop by mine. Peace, Kathy

Rachel said...

Great post - first I appreciate your setting things straight about wolves . . . and it made me realize how often we, I, label and don't realize it. There are more obvious labels then they are the less obvious ones. It is a great prayer to be aware of how we label ourselves and others, to not do that, and to see who they really are - because what we think directs our actions and our labels are really hurting us in many ways.

Thanks for a great reminder.


Anonymous said...

I love wolves and love how they show up in symbolism in many ancient beliefs as power spirits. They are social animals who are very loving and loyal parents. They are also very shy and tend to ashew contact with humans rather than attack.
You're right they have been much maligned with misconceptions.
Thanks for this reminder of these beautiful creatures.


Quiet Waters Rise said...

I also really loved this post Bill. Wolves are beautiful, spiritual creatures that have been misunderstood for quite some time.

I agree also that although labeling still exists, there really is a shift taking place. I also agree that technology, and the internet, have helped to spread this shift. I live in a very rural location, and without the internet, I would never have had the opportunity to read, learn, and grow as I am now simply by reading your and others blog.

Thank you

Canyn said...

hat was kind of what I was trying to write about, but it didn't come out so well. I agree with you about labels. It is so restrictive and i don't think we should ever label ourselves and definitely not children. I get very upset when labels are openly applied to children - especially negative labels. Like the poor wolves, they need to be free to be who they are.
I love wolves, too, and every chance I get I remind people that the North American wolf has never attacked a human being. So why should we ever attack them?

Labels belong on jars, and even then we can't always believe them!
Thanks Bill! Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Very well put! Labeling is never a good thing, unless if you're labeling salt & sugar. ;)

Tony Anders said...

Salutations friend! You are now the proud winner of the Best Blog Award! It is my pleasure to pass it along to you! You may come to my blog Artisan of the Human Spirit to pick up the emblem and do what you have to do! I recognize your efforts and skill and wanted to give you a well deserved atta-boy or atta-girl! Enjoy and congrats!