Monday, January 11, 2010

Talking with God

Do you talk with God/universe? Do you get answers to your questions? I remember reading the book "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch & wondering at the time whether it was even possible to talk with God/universe. And if we could talk with God/universe would we really get any answers or was this book just completely contrived? When I was younger I use to have a problem with over analyzing everything. My mind would look for some empirical proof that what I read was possible. As I've gotten older & learned to quiet my mind I've discovered that talking with God/universe can happen to anyone everyday of their life.

To me the true connection to God/universe is your soul. The soul is the window to all possibilities in your life but many of us struggle to hear what the soul is telling us. We so desperately want an answer that we never take the time to listen. Instead we react to the noise in our head. That noise can be deafening & very hard to ignore especially if you have an overactive mind like me. Learning to quiet the noise & move beyond your mind was the hardest thing for me to learn.

I've spoken many times before in this blog about the problem with the EGO. The EGO is all consuming for many of us & the only thing we know to listen to. But the truth is that although it's always the loudest noise & always craves attention we need to let it go & get past it. Once we can move beyond the EGO & the active mind we can begin to feel the connection with the soul.

This deep feeling of understanding that I choose to define as the soul is the quiet voice deep within you. It's never loud & sometimes it's very difficult to hear at all. But if you take the time to move beyond the "noise" in your life, you will begin to hear that small voice deep inside which is your soul!

Once you've made the connection to the soul you will begin your conversation with God/universe. You will often hear the answers to your questions within this small voice & if the answers aren't spoken to you by your soul, you will see signs throughout your life to answer your questions.

As with Clarity, the way I find this connection is to quiet my mind completely. What do I mean by this? I try to empty my mind completely. I try to get to a point where there is nothing happening in my head....just a blank feeling where my mind embraces the quiet. Once I find this quiet, I listen. I start by listening to my heart beat & then I move beyond that sound to the small voice inside. I rarely directly ask questions because it knows what I need to know & many times it will answer me with what I need to know. Regardless of what I hear I pay attention to it & I pay attention to everything that comes into my life after I've made this connection.

People may argue that this isn't the voice of God/universe & that's ok with me. I believe it is & I believe it's the only way to move your life forward in true harmony. Let go of the noise & discover your soul through this process & you will lead a more joyful life.

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Quote of the day "Discover the connection to your soul & you can begin your conversation with God/universe today!


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Michael said...

I try to talk to God everyday. I sometimes do get answers in a way that I do not expect.

Lynn Baber said...

Greetings, Michael.
The meat of your post is absolutely on point. Only as a 'discussion' point do I share my belief that the connection is made by the Holy Spirit. He is the link between the person of God and each human.

Your site is beautiful.


Bill. I can relate to this so much! What I like is that you are writing from your own personal experience. What is true for you. And what's amazing is that it matches my own experience. Isn't that great? I too have a busy busy mind. It likes solving things, thinking things and that's good. But, there has to be balance. And that switching off you describe, going to that place of peace and love that you describe - I can relate to that so much.

I don't often leave links but I'll make an exception on this one because I really think you'll get this story. :) It's called Park Bench:

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks for the comments Michael, Lynn & Uplifting. I always appreciate them. I do believe this process is always what works best for you. All I know is what's worked for me after trying many things. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.



PS Uplifting I will check out your story soon, thanks

Megan Gist Carter, MA said...

Bill...deep subject and you and I both know to the extent in which a spiritual path especially with the One True God aligns life in a fashion that is the least bit expect-able. You are a deep soul with lots of wisdom to offer.. I support you and your endeavor here. GOOD JOB and keep up the good work!

Jane said...

I agree with what you are saying, and have in common with you that my personality/mind has always had the tendency to race and think about a 1,000 things a minute. What's interesting, this morning around 3:30 there were some issues God had been putting His finger on with me and one being ego and some other specific things going on within myself causing inner turmoil, and while just sitting and not really moving towards a spot of tuning in with Him, the answers just came very quietly and very quickly. It never seems like I imagined it would be, it's always different. Thanks for the post. I would love to re post for my f.b. buds. Jane

Timberwolf123 said...

Hi Jane, thanks for the comment. I'm fine with you reposting this anywhere you'd like to. I'm glad you were able to hear the quiet voice...this practice works well for me.



Quiet Waters Rise said...

I read "Conversations with God" quite a few years ago, and remember then the feeling of awe that I felt when the awareness of that possibility was brought to me.

Your post, for me, has brought a re-awakening of that awe, wonder, & curiosity & I thank you for that.

My mind and ego are horrible for it's deafening shouts much of the time, and so I will begin to practice to quiet myself so that I can hear God and the universe.