Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Favorite things

Ok I know several of you that read this blog have also received this award. I love the idea of blogs & passing the awards around to keep it going I am writing 10 things that make me happy & listing my 10 favorite blogs (in no particular order).

10 things that make me happy

1. My beautiful wife Heidi. We've known each other for almost 14 years & been married for nearly 10. As with any relationship we have our moments of good & bad & the last 8 months with me out of work have been no exception to that. But the good far outweighs the bad, she truly is the best thing that ever happened to me & I love her more then she'll could ever truly understand.

2. Baseball - baseball has always been my favorite game & I use to be really good at it. My downfall is that I'm a Chicago Cubs fan & will always be. I enjoy watching the game & I still play every now & then.

3. My Children - Carrie, Samantha & Andrea have always brought me great joy. As a parent there's always trying times but I love them all & wish I could see them much more then I do.

4. Music - I love music & listen to it everyday. I still sing along with the tunes although my voice is very out of practice from when I was a professional actor. I wrote a wonderful blog about music a couple of months ago check it out.

5. Theatre - I still love to go when I can & it's been apart of my life for nearly 35 years. I performed at all levels from H.S. & College to Community Theatre, Semi-Professional & Professional. All in all I was in around 80 different productions & still love to have it in my life.

6. The Smoky Mountains - My little retreat from the world I've been going down there for over 25 years and still enjoy it as much today as the first time. The beauty & wonderful of the area is amazing to me. If you can ever go there be sure to check it out.

7. Photography - I love to take pictures of everything but especially the outdoors. I have played with photography since the time I was a child & I've won a few awards for some of my pictures. My eldest daughter just graduated with her degree in photography so we share this love together.

8. My Dogs - Sydney & Adelaide are two Australian Cattle Dogs & they make me laugh nearly everyday. Along with the joy they bring they are also the most loving dogs I've ever owned. We love to take walks together in the State park that's near my home.

9. Writing - This is something new that I've discovered. I've written technical stuff including training session & ad copy for years but started my blog a few weeks after I was laid off & have really enjoyed the whole process of writing.

10. Reading - I love to read books & I've enjoyed reading the blogs of everyone I know. Read also brings me great peace & can take me away to places I never knew I could explore.

My 10 Favorite Blogs (in no order)

1. Uplift Antidote

Jacqui writes a heart warming blog about life. She's always uplifting & a wonderful read. Start reading her blog today.

2. Stepping Gingerly

Canyn is a wonderful writer & a deep meaningful spirit. Take a look at this lovely blog.

3. Healing Morning

Dawn is a kindred spirit, she's a wonderful writer & has a great perspective about whatever she writes about. Start reading her blog today.

4. Onativia

Ray writes beautiful poetry, the imagery he expresses in his work is amazing & he always has a unique perspective of life. Give his blod a read today.

5. Fireside Moments

Anahid is another great read. She has a unique perspective on every topic she writes about. Check her out today.

6. Sally Lee...by the Sea

Marie writes a wonderful blog about the various products her company has available as well as life in general. She always includes great pictures & is a dear friend. Check out her blog & products today.

7. The (Not-Always) Happy Homemaker Diary

Melissa gives a wonderful perspective of her daily life in this blog. She shows what it's like to be a stay at home Mom. She'll make laugh & cry sometimes in the same blog. Give her blog a read today.

8. Artisan of the Human Spirit

Tony has a great blog I just joined in reading it in the last couple of weeks & I'm hooked. Check out his blog today.

9. Coffee with Marty

Marty is a great friend & one of the co-founders of Authentic Bloggers on Facebook. His blog encompasses a wide variety of topics. Check it out today.

10. Authentic Blogger

Is a wonderful new blogging group on Facebook. The people who post here are warm & caring. They also participate with constructive comments on the members blogs. In addition this blog has great tips for any blogger. Check it out today.

I hope you you learned a little more about me. Thanks for being apart of my life & thanks for the award.




Healing Morning said...

Bill, thank you for the return nod of recognition for Healing Morning and for Authentic Blogger!!! This is a happy day made happier by another bloggy accolade.

Btw, one of your ten happy points - acting - I have been wondering since we met if you had ever dabbled there. Turns out you've done more than dabble. Interesting!

Thanks again, my friend.

~ Dawn

Tony Anders said...

Thank you for your consideration to be listed in your ten! I find it warming that you also find joy in your family and that they are an inspiration. I enjoyed your list and it is nice to get alittle background on my blogging friends! Keep on - keeping on!

Anonymous said...

My first blogging award...woo-hoo!!! lol Thanks for the mention Bill. In case I get lazy & don't get around to doing this top 10 thing, just know yours would be on my list as well. :)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Thank you so much for this award, Bill. It means a lot to me. Now I shall steal...I mean snag...No! I mean uhhh..'borrow' your little award thingy and post one of my own (even though I just posted an entry for my new *weekly theme*).

I love coming to Journey To Joy and seeing what you have in store for me to learn about next. You make me look within myself and at my life. You give me new perspectives.

By the way, even *I* can end up crying and laughing about the same post...as I am writing it. lol

Timberwolf123 said...

You're all very welcome & I'm glad I found each of you. You enlighten me with your thoughts.



Canyn said...

Okay, now I can't see because i have tears in my eyes. You are such a good friend and I appreciate that reference so much. Thank you. And Thank you for being in my life.

Canyn said...

And thanks for the tip on other blogs to follow!