Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The beautiful songs of the spring birds draw me into a wonderful place that I love to journey to. I listen to each of their individual songs & enjoy being back in nature. Yes, I've been back riding my bike. Many of you know that last summer & fall I started riding my bike. Two weeks ago I began riding again in the state park near our house. I've truly enjoyed listening to the birds every morning & I am often reminded of this quote: “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” by Henry Van Dyke

Do you worry about what others think of you or are you willing to sing your song anyway? We talked before about living in a state of fear but is that fear holding you back from what you truly want to do? Can you be the bird & sing your song anyway? We worry too much about what others think in our life. Some of us even change our life based on what others think. The journey to living a life of joy always begins within & if there's a song within you that needs to be sung don't let anyone stop you from singing it.

We all need others in our life. We are in fact social creatures & God/universe uses others to show us messages that we need to learn. But, we shouldn't live our life to please another person. We should take the time to discover our true voice & sing our song to the world.

Imagine a world where we never heard a bird singing, I don't want to know that world. I love to listen to the birds. We each have a beautiful song within us. Believe in your talents & let them shine to the world. Today is the day to begin to sing your song. I believe in you & I look forward to hearing your song.

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Quote of the day:"Enjoy the beauty of the birds song & listen to your soul to discover your own song. Sing to the world & discover true joy."

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Anonymous said...

"Sing, sing a song. Sing out happy, sing out strong..." The Carpenters.
Great post Bill, thanks for reminding us to sing our song.