Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving Beyond Praise

Let's face it we all like to be praised for what we do. Whether it be for our job, our athletics or our family life we all love to be praised. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel fulfilled. It can make all the hard work we've done worth while. I believe strongly in giving people praise in my life. I thank them for their efforts & try to find at least a few things I can specifically praise them for. But should we get caught up with the praise in our life?

The truth is, praise feels so good because it fulfills our EGO. The EGO needs praise to feel good. In fact if the EGO doesn't hear praise it can sometimes create it itself. As with all things to do with the EGO the challenge is to move beyond the feeling of receiving praise. I've always believed that we should acknowledge any feeling we have & if it's a good feeling enjoy it. Once we acknowledge the feeling we should always try to move beyond it to a higher level. This higher level is always our connection to our true self (soul) & by moving through the acknowledgement to our soul we can discover bliss. Bliss is the highest level of joy we can discover in our life. It is the feeling we can strive to obtain because once we discover true bliss it's easy to return to that state.

When we are in bliss we are unaffected by the negative emotions that come into our life. We are able to remain in a state of true joy. In some religions bliss is consider one of the highest states of being & only the truly enlighten can achieve it. I believe very state of being is attainable. I think the challenge for most of us is to sustain the higher states of being for extended periods of time. With work we can all discover bliss & begin to truly enjoy the life God/universe has planned for us.

Accept & appreciate the praise you receive in your life. Move beyond the praise & discover the bliss we are intended to know. Each one of us has the power to become whatever we want to be. Let go of the EGO & open your heart to love. Discover your true self & help change the world!!

Till Monday, have a great weekend,


Quote of the day:"Move beyond the praise in your life & discover the true state of bliss!"

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Mattias Kroon said...

Very good post Bill!

Very good insight and the true way to become satisfied with the things we are doing in life.