Monday, April 19, 2010


One of toughest things to deal with in our life is uncertainty. Uncertainty happens to all of us but how we deal with it in our daily life defines our path forward to a better life. I personally have had a lot of uncertainty in my life since being laid off nearly 11 months ago. Like everyone else I battle with uncertainty from time to time. But I've found different ways to deal with the occasional overwhelming feeling of uncertainty in my life.

I've discussed that change is part of our life whether we want it to be or not & many times uncertainty proceeds the change we're going to see. So how do you deal with uncertainty in your life. Do you become a turtle & hide? Do you just coast until things get clearer? Or do you embrace the uncertainty & open yourself up to the coming change?

In my life I've embraced change. I try to always look forward to new challenges in my life & I am willing to allow things to happen in my life without getting swept away into negative emotions. Uncertainty can make us very nervous & this nervousness can lead us down the path of negative emotions. So how do you work through the nervousness of uncertainty? For me, I follow the same path I do for most things in my life. I go within. I accept the uncertainty & ask for signs to help me find the path through the uncertainty.

I believe everything begins from within & one of the struggles that many of us have, is that we are always looking outside for the answers in our lives. If we take the time to know ourselves & set our intentions for the things we want in life. God/universe will always send us signs to help us along our path. When things are uncertain we need to be more open then ever to the signs that appear in our lives. Many of us struggle with this process because we don't see the signs appear in our lives. Usually when you've tried setting intentions to move yourself on in your life & you haven't seen any results. It's because you haven't detached from the results of your intentions.

Detachment can be the single hardest lesson that we all need to learn. (I wrote a blog on it a while ago take a look back Oct 2009) & many times when things aren't happening in our life the way we intended them to work it's because we are attached to the results. The easiest way to highlight this, without going into detail about detachment, is to say that when we're attached to the results it's like screaming at God/universe for the answer. When we detach from the results we are simply requesting an outcome & allowing God/universe to work with us to create the outcome.

Uncertainty can be a difficult time to get through but by opening yourself up & allowing God/universe to work with you, anything is possible. Embrace the change you see in your life be a Co-creator with God/universe & create the life you've always dreamed of.

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Quote of the day:"Embrace uncertainty when it appears in your life. Open yourself up to the signs God/universe is showing & you'll create a more joyful life!"

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Anonymous said...

I've never been good with uncertainty. I'm currently uncertain about a couple things in my life & it's been difficult seeing past it. I guess you could say I'm one of those people who goes into a "path of negative emotions." I'm trying to work on it though!

Timberwolf123 said...

Anahid, I love your thoughts on your blog & uncertainty is never easy for anyone but if you trust in the process & open your heart to the signs it does get me!!



Women Awakened said...

Are you certain enough about being uncertain?